PRIORITIES: Trudeau Says Veterans Are “Asking For More Than We Can Afford To Give,” But His 2018 Budget Hikes Foreign Aid Spending By $2 BILLION

If our country can’t afford to help those who sacrificed everything for us, how can we afford to send billions more in taxpayers money overseas?

Justin Trudeau certainly has a set of priorities, but it seems those who served our country aren’t near the top of his list.

Despite claiming that Veterans are “asking for more than we can afford to give right now,” Justin Trudeau’s 2018 budget found billions more for those outside of Canada’s borders.

As noted in reports on the latest budget, the government “pledged $2 billion over five years to increase international aid through a new International Assistance Innovation program, designed to come up with flexible new financing arrangements, and the Sovereign Loans program.”

Also, “it is the biggest increase in Canadian foreign aid in 16 years.”


So, Trudeau apparently thinks that Veterans are asking for too much, yet he was able to make a massive increase to foreign aid spending.

Talk about a skewed set of priorities.

There are many foreign causes that are important and worthwhile. However, whether or not to contribute to those causes should be left up to individual Canadians, instead of being forced on us by the government taking our money through taxes.

Our tax dollars should stay within Canada, and should go towards helping Canadians in need – particularly those who put their lives on the line for our country.

After all, if we can’t afford to provide more support for our Veterans – as Trudeau claims – than we certainly can’t afford to send more money overseas.

Spencer Fernando

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Just pumping (or would that be pimping?) for a job with the UN … using YOUR tax money … and he couldn’t care less about the veterans or any other Canadians … ready for an election, anyone …???


Here’s a 2016 map (and options to select years back to 2001) of where your foreign aid dollars are being spent:


Fun fact: We gave $100,000 to the US in foreign aid in 2016. Slush fund for lavish parties? LOL.

Luis del Torre

Increase in foreign aid or increase in any budget by $2 billion is 2/3 of 1% in the total budget
Find a material amount to whine about ?


If its such a small amount, then Why cant he give at least the same to the vets? Ithe sound of hypocrisy is deafening.


Luis, How about you add up all his increase & not just this 2 billion. His promise to spend huge in canada infrastructure but send how much to Iraq to build roads? Then he reneges on his promise to indian bands about helping with clean water while promising it will happen AFTER the next election. Didn’t he promise this before the LAST election that it would be done when he gets elected this election?
He has done nothing but spend billions in foreign countries in his attempt at buying himself a seat on the UN.


The obvious point of the article is the money should be going to Vets !


Luis Del Torre. You are an idiot if you don’t think that 2/3 of 1% of a budget is a material amount. That money is also just the increase, not the total. And that money is ‘taxpayer’ money that is leaving this country with very poor oversight on how it is used in these other countries. Break down the money sent to administration, payments, capital expenses, operating expenses, etc and see how much of it gets to the people in need. How much would it take to help out our veterans? I am pretty sure they would be ecstatic with… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Canadians need to come first. Seniors (whose wealth has been taxed and squandered by government on globalist programs and graft), the homeless and starving, veterans – all get the shaft while Government and corporate leaders dodge massive tax bills by not reporting secret financial holdings in tax havens. This may have become obvious with the inept Liberals, but even past conservative governments have been guilty of it. It is government, not merely one or the other party, that deserves our disdain. Things are so bad I’d welcome direct rule by the Windsors rather than the Trudeaus. At least that would… Read more »


We can expect many more blundering statements and actions from this unfit “how-did-he-get-there creature before he gets ousted …..

Diana lawlor

Trudeau’s got it all wrong & certainly the wrong person for the job! It’s sad to see how he can spend millions on foreign aid & more on bringing in and supporting immigrants, then he largely overlooks the first and foremost, taking care of our veterans who put their lives on the line & lost lives so we could live in this beautiful country. Will never vote for Trudeau because he’s such a huge disappointment &
Supports everything without taking care of Canadians first!

Ray Decorby

Who borrows money to give to charity…most of us donate from surplus when we’ve had a good year. These bums are running us into the ground!

Allis Chalmers

Isnt it amazing how some people think it is just fine to ignore the Canadian who should be first priority and pump billions into foreign aid. To say 2/3 of 1% is not worth mentioning goes to show the depth of this mentality. Why are we paying taxes to cover interest payments for borrowed money to give away as foreign aid.


Until Canada is out of this huge debt and taxes can be lowered and we are not running deficits, and all Canadians are being looked after, and we are running a surplus instead of a deficit, very little money should leave Canada. Money going out should not be tax dollars it should be volunteered money, it would mean more to Canadians,

Bob Fry

Canadians that lock themselves in their house and watch TV Reality shows, need to be awoken to what Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party is doing to our country. That is Canada is going to become a Third World Country in a very short period of time. This overspending on sending our taxpayer dollars to Muslim Countries in Africa is already at over $ 5.4 Billion Dollars to the end of 2018. Projected costs to bring in One Million Muslim refugees is going to cost over $23 Billion Dollars and where is that money going to come from? The most… Read more »

chris malmstrom

Put simply … he hates Canada and “true” Canadians, and is doing what he can to retain power in the form of the muslim vote. A true enemy of the state!


While I did not vote for the Federal Liberals many people I know did. I have yet to find one person that voted for the federal Liberals that would ever make that mistake again. Most deeply regret the mistake they made that placed such an inept unqualified person in the position of PM.

Tony Van Den Bosch

There needs to be a revolt in this country in a big way to force Trudeau to step down as he is destroying Canada
Our veterans who have died for our freedom in the two previous wars would turn over in thier graves if they could see what is happening that the Liberals are selling us out and have a somewhat different agenda that is not going to end well as a country to be proud of.
Voting Conservative was always by far the better choice.