ONTARIO PC LEADERSHIP POLL: Elliot & Ford Neck And Neck, Mulroney & Granic-Allen Way Back

Mainstreet Research poll shows Christine Elliott with a slight lead among decided voters,while the riding points numbers are almost tied.

A new poll by Mainstreet Research shows Christine Elliott with a slight lead over Doug Ford in the Ontario PC Leadership race.

When accounting for riding points, Elliott has 35.2% first ballot support, while Ford has 34.9% support. Mulroney is at 17.3%, and Granic-Allen is at 12.5%.

Elliott leads the popular vote over Ford in the poll among decided voters with 38.3% to Ford’s 32.2%.

The results led Mainstreet Research President & CEO Quito Maggi to say “With a strong majority of Caroline Mulroney’s second choice voters also expected to go to her, we believe that Christine Elliott is a slight favourite when the results are announced on Saturday.”

He added however, “Writing off Doug Ford would be a mistake because he is in good shape coming into Saturday. Over 2/3rds of Granic Allen’s second choice votes will go to Ford when she drops off the ballot and his vote is more efficient than Elliott’s”.

Out of 1000 simulations based on the results, Mainstreet says Elliott won 530 times, while Ford won 470 times.

This poll is bad news for Caroline Mulroney, as it seems Ontario PC voters aren’t interested in creating another political dynasty in Canada after watching Justin Trudeau’s governance.

The results will come down to how Elliott and Ford do after the first round, and particularly whether Granic-Allen’s supporters turn out in higher than expected numbers and give Ford a potential boost in subsequent rounds, or whether Caroline Mulroney’s supporters give Elliott the edge.

Read more about the poll here.

Spencer Fernando

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While the rest of the Conservative party members are still trying to vote (even Rob Fords Mom) and cannot, problems with voting on the computers and pin numbers etc., three of the running party leaders have asked for more time so everyone can vote except Christine Elliott, makes you wonder as she was following Browns platform and was still in support of Brown, who seemed to be going right along with the Liberals ideas, so would not have my vote (except we need Wynne gone). Now if she gets in I do not think I would trust that Elliott was… Read more »

don morris

You have to go with Elliott,Ford cannot win the general election.


Russian hacks have fixed the election, duh! Nancy I think it is how you have stated. If Ford does not get in and it looks that way because of the corruption in the Conservative party, if I was in Ontario I’d switch over to Trillium in a heartbeat. Canadians need to wake up. We’re just letting these sellout chameleons destroy the country by being ignorant to the reality.

Ruth Gravel

I feel that the way that they did the voting was wrong because a lot of us senior do not have computer, so they could not be able to vote. Plus the one that have a computer had a lot of trouble trying to be able to vote. I feel that they need to do it over again so everybody can vote. And if Christine Elliott don’t want to do it over there is something wrong here,
it need to be done fair. Canadian should all about able to vote to be fair.