The Problem Isn’t ‘Trudeau’s Team.’ It’s Trudeau.

Justin has repeatedly shown an affinity for communist regimes and seems to feel sympathy for those who despise what Canada stands for. A new ‘team’ of people around him won’t fix that.

It’s been a tough few weeks for Justin Trudeau, with his poll numbers falling and his ‘woke’ international image turning into a joke.

Now, a few pundits are speculating as to whether it’s time for a change to Justin Trudeau’s team.

Writing in Maclean’s about Trudeau’s top advisors Katie Telford and Gerald Butts, Stephen Maher says “Telford and Butts are talented and close to Trudeau. They couldn’t have made him what he is today if they were not. But they may be too close to him to deliver the stern warnings he needs to get him to rein in his worst impulses, which seem to involve travel to exotic destinations.”

Of course, while Butts is very controversial and disliked by many Canadians, the real problem with the Trudeau government isn’t Trudeau’s staff.

The problem is Trudeau.

He is the one who has pushed the Liberal Party farther and farther towards globalism, he is the one who has taken a mandate for small deficits and used it to falsely justify endless red ink, he is the one who has shown disturbing weakness towards convicted terrorists, and he is the one who has demonstrated an affinity for authoritarian communist regimes.

Changing staff won’t change Trudeau’s core ideology, which is based upon always seeing the western world as the bad guy and putting empty virtue-signalling ahead of real governing.

In our system of government, the Prime Minister has massive power. His staff can’t force him to do anything, and MPs have almost zero leverage.

So, the Trudeau government reflects the ideology and actions of the person in charge of it – Justin Trudeau.

As a result, a change of staff would be nothing more than a cosmetic alteration, and would do nothing to fix the core problem at the heart of the Canadian State: An unfit ‘leader’ at the helm of a nation that deserves far better.

Spencer Fernando

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Wendy Lush

I don’t know why but whenever I think of the state of Canada today and Trudeau’s eternal cringefest, I can’t help but think of David Bowie’s 1984 piece ‘Dancing with the Big Boys’… -Dancing with the Big Boys- Something’s going on in society You chew your fingers and stare at the floor One wrong word and you’re out of sync Talking ’bout a hands on policy Death to the trees They weren’t bad, they weren’t brave Nothing is embarrassing There are too many people, too much belief Where there’s trouble there’s poetry Your family is a football team Loneliness in… Read more »

Gerry Herbert Oliphant

I disagree with some of what you say as the lady pushing Bill M 103 & the Minister of Defence certainly don’t have Canadians interest at heart. They all voted for Bill M 103
& follow part line to a T


If they walked to the other side of the House Of Commons, and said Trudeau needs to be stopped, the Liberals could put in another, call an election, or step down, but they don’t, so they are all in the same pen, and we have no power to take them out so they are all guilty, and greedy, and puppets for foreigners who bought them and put him in to destroy our country.

Evelyn Oliphant

That is what needs to happen , but They are a bunch of wimps following Trudumb’s misguided lead which will destroy Canada. TO ELECTED MPs, Get some balls and stand up to him if you care about Canada’s future!!! or we will have no future!!!

Terry Watkinson

The only thing this boy seems truly interested in is cannabis.
Unfortunately, he doesn’t take his international trips in a socially constructed airplane. Or does he?

Sandra Williston

Without a doubt Justin Trudeau will go down as the WORST prime Minister in the history of Canada. How any sane person could have ever thought that that complete moron was Prime Minister material is astonishing. The marionette strings are visible, Trudeau must make George Soros beam with pride with each passing day.


If enough lib mp’s refused to follow his agenda & cross the floor, he would lose his power grip. That would leave him with no choice but to either call an election or govern with a minority.


That would do the trick but they are spineless. Would be much better off if good independent and principled candidates ran in each riding with no party affiliation. Then, if the people had the courage to vote for them, then you’d a government truly elected by the people. I’m sure conservative party stalwarts will disagree with me but as far as I can tell the whole party system does not represent their membership particularly when members can’t truly vote their conscience.

Evelyn Oliphant

That is what tbey should do, as they were elected by us, the Canadian people and that is what the majority of us want.

Sharon Johnson

We had better consider a leader like Andrew Scheer. He didn’t spend summers with Castro being indoctrinated in communist leadership. Even Trudeaus brother Alexandre thinks Castro was “superhuman”. What hope is their for Canada with “sleeper communists” at the highest levels?

Evelyn Oliphant


Roy Elsworth

Part of his team to Spencer they are not leaving him they are staying with him. Instead of sitting as independant or Floor Crossing so they are giving trudeau the ok to do all these embarrassing things

B Biggs

Why doesn’t Trudeau retire and do the whole country a favour?


Let’s all keep talking to our friends and every chance we get try to spread the word about this walking disaster. Just how much debt do we need to saddle the next 3 generations with before someone wakes up … ??? Miss Harper yet … ???


Liberal TRUDEAU is constantly having more and more temper tantrums…
He has become the disgusting joke of the world now.!!!
Loser Liberal Trudeau will be VOTED OUT in the Federal 2019 election and
Liberal WYNNE will be VOTED OUT in the Ontario election.
And … NDP NOTLEY in Alberta will be VOTED OUT in 2019 provincial election.
YAHOO … life is good knowing these three useless politicians will be voted out.


We certainly hope so.