AWFUL: While Giving Billions More In Foreign Aid, Trudeau Cuts Funding For Making Books Accessible For Blind Canadians

Another disgusting example of Trudeau prioritizing foreign causes over Canadians in need.

As I recently reported, the Trudeau government’s 2018 budget hiked foreign aid spending by $2 Billion over the next five years.

This increase came even as Trudeau said Canadian Veterans were asking for too much money, comments which outraged millions of Canadians.

Now, it has been revealed that the Trudeau government is cutting a program that helped make books accessible for blind and visually impaired Canadians.

As noted by Global, “Starting April 1, the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), which is Canada’s largest producer of accessible and alternate-format books, will no longer receive government funding for converting conventional books into accessible formats. The news comes nine days before the CNIB is set to celebrate its 100th anniversary.”

The funding cut will have a big impact:

“[The] CNIB is disappointed and deeply troubled that the federal government has not addressed our budget request for $3 million to support accessible book production,” wrote CNIB president John Rafferty in a letter sent to all MPs and Senators Monday.

“This lack of funding will force CNIB to decommission our accessible book production operations effective April 1, 2018 – unless something is done,” he wrote.

Under the Harper government, during the years of 2005-2011 the CNIB was provided with about $13 million in funding to convert books into digital files, in addition to the regular funding for accessible books.

Now, Trudeau is getting rid of that regular funding. And in a sad irony, Diane Bergeron – a CNIB Vice President who is visually impaired – wasn’t given an accessible copy of the budget by the government on the day it was released.

As Bergeron told Global, “They locked the doors and I was not provided with an accessible format.”

Awful decision

This is an awful decision, and it’s all the more disgusting when contrasted with the government increasing foreign aid.

The Trudeau government is sending a clear message that they value the needs of non-Canadians ahead of the needs of visually impaired Canadians.

As I have said many times – and will continue to say over and over again – the Canadian government is called “Canadian” for a reason: It exists to serve Canadian citizens, not the citizens of foreign countries.

It is unacceptable to cut any program for Canadians while at the same time spending more money overseas.

The Trudeau government continues to display an anti-Canadian attitude and they throw our own citizens under the bus every chance they get.

All Canadians deserve far better. We deserve a government that actually puts our citizens first, instead of treating us as second class citizens in our own nation.

UPDATE: Desperate Liberals backtrack, claim they will restore funding.

After a gigantic backlash on social media, including from many readers of, the Trudeau Liberals have backtracked on the cuts, and claim they will restore the funding:

Of course, given their constant stream of lies, there’s no reason to believe the Liberals aren’t cutting the funding until they offer definitive proof. They no longer deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Smith

Unfortunately for the Blind: there are not enough of them to make a difference in the vote for the likes of the cancer known as trudeau & his liberal rats.


I love to see what socks is doing to show his disdain for the people who elected him. I only hope all those who were hoodwinked by the propaganda are happy in their decision.


Right on brother. This is Canada Mr Trudeau. You know, the country you are suppose to be leading? Yeah, that country.

Eric Blair

Spencer, you ought to ask Carla Qualtrough, the minister of public service and procurement, how she feels about this cut in funding for the CNIB as she is also visual impaired. Maybe she did not see it coming.

alan skelhorne

how many of these people who works for the cnib voted for this pos in the last election, he is destroying anything n everyone.. i sure hope you people wake up out there.

Norbert Kausen

Trudeau looks mentally unstable in that photo… completely unbalanced!!!

Jill Ward

Norbert Kausen, his every action and word since well before the election have already proved beyond a shadow of a doubt his is seriously mentally unstable and completely unbalanced. Like most other dictators , he is seriously mentally ill and on top of that, of very little intellect. We cannot afford to keep him in office because we will not survive his insanity!

chris malmstrom

this is why he’s called “Crime Minister”…absolute TRAITOR to true Canadians and the land we call home!

Chris vrecko

So disgusted. How could anyone vote for him. This needs to be shared far and wide.

Morris Oschipok


Christopher Oschipok

Destroyed the country? Have you seen our neighbours down South. Be nice to hear constructive solutions opposed to reactionary rhetoric. I didn’t vote for JT but I think we need to hear positive solutions not just “school ground” insults. Mobilize support and generate discussion. The country won’t change with blanket statements like the above. This just perpetuates distane and hate while clouding the real issues. No one knows what you are talking about when you say things like “He’s ruining the country” or ” They’re taking our jobs”.


Christopher, I think you may be mentally unstable as well. And dont give us the BS that you didn’t vote liberal. Your whole statement smacks of liberal arrogance. As far as seeing our neighbors to the south. We could only be so lucky. Instead we get a dunce for a leader (I’m using that term very loosely). Name just one good thing he has done for this country other than try to tax us to death…and please dont say dealing with climate change as we all know that’s a scam.


To our PM the blind maybe he sees them as not being a special interest group that came to Canada and demanded special attention and some of whom caused problems..? Maybe he forgot about human rights for all including the blind and the right and need to be able to read?

Jill Ward

well now he is aware the polls are slipping and he has to do something so now he has reversed this and is promising to continue funding these books. Look out!! He will DO ANYTHING NECESSARY TO ENSURE HE IS NOT VOTED OUT AND THAT MEANS, ANYTHING! But don’t count on the promises to we Canadians as they are merely vote tools which will disappear right after he wins again. This boy is a chronic liar which is just another example of the serious psychopathic illness he clearly has but isn’t receiving any help for. Very, very dangerous individual and… Read more »

Rick Churchill

It surprises me that the Liberals are capable of feeling shame over their treatment of Canadian citizens…. but then again, they will face an election in 2019.


Rick Churchill (great name!) – Please don’t hold your breath waiting for an election to change things. The Liberals will be in power forever. They’ll win in the biggest landslide in Canadian history in 2019 because George Soros’ vote counting company will be used to count the votes. Even with paper ballots counted by hand, the results have to go electronic at some point to appear on TV. All elections these days are rigged. Canada’s will be worse than most countries because Canadians are so naive.


The billions in “foreign aid” given away by Liberals is ALWAYS – I repeat ALWAYS – given to countries where it would be impossible for Canadians find and/or follow paper trails. Ever wonder why politicians end up rich? I wish some enterprising journalists would follow these “gifts” and confirm where they actually go.

William Jones

Another clear demonstration of how much the Liberals hate Canadians and Canada in general. I doubt the average person could keep track of the direct and indirect insults this government has heaped upon those they ostensibly ‘represent.’ Truth is they are only interested in ‘grandstanding’ so the international cadre of equally disdainful politicians will take notice.