BREAKING: CBC Reporter Says Three Sources Tell Him Doug Ford Has Won Ontario PC Leadership

Members of Ford Nation are already cheering at the leadership venue.

CBC News reporter Mike Crawley says three sources have told him that Doug Ford has won the Ontario PC Leadership race.

The request for a recount – which led to some of the delay in results being reported – was reportedly made by Christine Elliott’s campaign.

That request has now been completed, according to Crawley’s source.

Crawley’s tweets can be seen below:

On TV, Crawley reported updates as they came, first having two sources, and reporting that yet a third source said a recount was completed and Doug Ford won after the recount as well:

The vote is said to have been extremely close, within 0.5%.

All that remains is for the party to make the official announcement and give everyone a chance to see the official results.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Take that libtard scum. Choke on that 8========D~~~~~~~ Trudeau

Joe Green

Great work your doing Spencer , Keep it up
Canadian Citizen


We need more honest journalist like Spencer Fernando. Spencer, you are upfront, honest and most of all you are not bought and paid for by the Liberal crooks, like most of the media. What can Doug do about this scandal that Elliott and these PC executive’s are trying to discredit Doug Ford from his victory?


Thanks, Kelly. Your comments made my day.