CHAOS & CONFUSION: Crowd Boos As Ontario PCs Send Everyone Home, Say They Can’t Announce Results Yet

Members of the party executive got booed by the crowd as they tell people to leave the hall without any result.

The Ontario PC Party leadership race has descended further into chaos and confusion.

Despite three credible sources telling journalist Mike Crawley that Doug Ford has won, the Ontario PC Party sent out their Chief Electoral Officer Hartley Lefton to say they can’t announce the results due to a dispute with the ridings some ballots are allocated in.

He said the issue would be resolved in the “short term,” but didn’t say what that time period was, and the crowd booed big time.

As you can imagine, this isn’t going over well, considering that they were already many hours behind.

The longer this goes on, the worse it looks for the Ontario PCs, as they missed their chance to get their announcement made in prime time.

Also, it will lead to many people wondering what is really happening behind the scenes, as Doug Ford – who connected strongly with the grassroots – was not the choice of the PC Party establishment, and it seems the establishment are reticent to announce that he won.

After all, if three sources can say that Ford has won, why isn’t the party announcing it?

And how could things be so disorganized, considering all the time they had to prepare?

The only way to get rid of those concerns is to get the results out to the people, and the longer things go without a resolution the more people will start asking some tough questions.

Unfortunately, that announcement will now be made by a press release – depriving the candidate of a chance to make their speech in front of the assembled party faithful.

Chaotic, confusing, and embarrassing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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It is frightening to watch democracy being destroyed in Canada right before our eyes.

Ron Voss

Appears that Elliott couldn’t park her ego!

After all the leaks coming out and reported by the media that Ford had won, this won’t end well, if the elites turn around to say that Elliott has won. Reminds me of the hanky panky in Alberta that led to an NDP victory because the voters were so disgruntled with the two so-called ‘conservative’ parties.


Now the whole of Canada can see how bought out and corrupt Ontario has become, the people realize it, Doug Ford said he would clean Queens Park up and try hard to get rid of the corruption there, it is beyond any common sense, This would make me vote for him even if I have no real idea if he could, but Christine Elliott seemed to get along with it, and it should be stopped if possible, just like our Federal Government. If someone could clean up all this corruption in Canadian politics and make strong laws applying to people… Read more »


This is just despicable and these executive members should be fired. The people are not going to let them get away with this. Doug Ford ran a good race and he won and this should have been announced. Another scandal by Christine Elliott and these members that will do anything to prevent Doug form taking leadership. Something has to be done. They can’t get away with this. Nothing shocks me anymore. Our world is becoming so corrupt. First the lying deceitful Liberals and now this. I hope Doug takes them all to the cleaners and Elliott goes face down.

Chris Malmstrom

What a crock…this better not be the party elites trying to come up with an alternative outcome.

Brian Dougan

PC Party establishment? They’re head lice; get rid of them. Hurrah! It seems that Doug Ford won the nomination. These political hacks had better not try tampering with the results. Shades of the USA and Trump. Not good. The degree of rot in these professional political hacks is astonishing.

Allis Chalmers

From Liberal corruption to Conservative corruption. This is a sad day for grass route conservatives in this province. Maybe it is time to create a new party that serves true conservatism for this province as the grass routes voted for Doug Ford. If tomòrrows announcement is not consistent with a Ford win then it is time to start this movement and remove the liberal conservatives from this province. One liberal govt is more than this province can endure.