Former Ontario PC Cabinet Minister Questions “Whether There’s Been A Rigging”

With the Ontario PCs sending people home without announcing a leader, many are wondering why Doug Ford’s win hasn’t been announced.

With all reported sources saying Doug Ford has won, the Ontario PCs are still refusing to confirm the winner of the leadership race, leading many people – including former PC cabinet minister Frank Klees – to question what’s happening.

In an interview, Klees said, “There will be a credibility issue in this party with whoever has been involved.”

“Every one of us as members of this party is left with questions about whether there has been a rigging. Whether somebody who didn’t want the results to be announced tonight had a preference for a candidate, and wanted a double recount or a triple recount.”

“Why would we expose ourselves to that at this time? I have no idea. What I’m telling you is this is not a good night for the PC Party of Ontario.”

Klees is right. It’s not a good night for the Ontario PCs, and people are 100% justified in having serious doubts about what’s happening.

Doug Ford was not the choice of the establishment, and we can bet that if everyone was reporting that an establishment candidate had won there wouldn’t be this same kind of delay.

Nobody has pushed back on the reports that Doug Ford has won, and many have been saying that what is really happening is that the Elliott campaign is refusing to concede.

Of course, that shouldn’t stop the results from being announced, as the decision to announce who wins isn’t dependent on the candidates in the race. It’s dependent on the results.

And with all sources saying that Doug Ford has won, the party needs to make that announcement to the people and move on to the work of getting everyone united to defeat the dangerous Kathleen Wynne government.

Spencer Fernando

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Great Coverage Spencer! The People have spoken !
Get working on the June Vote.

alan skelhorne

typical of the corruption here in ontario.

Norbert Kausen

I categorically disagree with the suggestion of election rigging. This is playing right into the liberals’ hands, and I beliee they are directly responsible for this destabilizatin of the conservatives! They had REALLY better get their act together, so we can PUNT the desicable liberals out, unceremoniously!!


My my this feels like deja vu re Clinton Trump. So the Progressive aka liberal side of the Conservative party is undermining the Ford victory. My guess is the Soros cabal has intervened in the leadership election process. The NWO cabal and their political arm, the left wing, does not want to lose an 11 million person base in Ontario to a truly conservative party and leader. They are freaking out.


many thanks for your coverage and commentary!
Very much appreciated!

Ron Voss

Today, Brad Trost, who placed fourth in the CPC leadership campaign, lost his nomination to the former speaker of the SK legislature who had declared that Trost was too “polarizing” a candidate for the party. A 100% Conservative is not welcome in the ‘Conservative’ Party of Canada. As we saw today in Ontario, the spineless establishment elites are doing their best to destroy conservatism in Canada. Tearing up my CPC membership card.

Ron Voss

Shocking the Rebel Media was kicked out of Ontario PC Leadership Convention!:


Looks like there are traitors involved and spies. Who did insist on a recount? I am not aware that the establishment elite is the one announcing the candidate.


Spencer Fernando if a lot of people did not get to vote, and if a lot of the vote’s were applied to the wrong postal code, would not possibly change the outcome?? What happen that people didn’t get to vote, also how was the wrong postal code used and applied ?? What kinda voting system was used anyway?? Best regards bilthank you.

Peter Armour

Too pathetic – Wynne is most assuredly hosting a Victory Party!
Ford parallels with Trump mean, that for the first time in 52 years, I will withhold my ballot because I cannot vote for either.



I am relieved that Doug Ford won, although Christine Elliott will no doubt throw many road blocks in his direction. I feel she is a Liberal and her mission is to disrupt the PC Party from the inside. She is now showing her true colours.