REPORT: Some Ontario PC Leadership Candidates Asking For Manual Recount

The ballots – cast online – have already reportedly been counted once.

If the Ontario PC Party executive was hoping today would go smoothly, it seems they won’t get their wish.

The leadership race has hit a “snag,” with some candidates reportedly demanding manual recounts, and lawyers for the candidates are getting involved:

The results are said to be extremely close, and anything that casts doubt on the process risks party unity going forward.

As Tarek Fatah pointed out, any chaos in the leadership race only helps the Liberals:

More updates to come.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Norbert Kausen

Whoever wins, they WILL defeat the Wynnebag and her Fiberals!


Another win for wynn!


Great Ontario PC Leadership Race. Great to see a close race. Bravo !! Here is to Put this Liberal Corruption Government to the Landfill ..