BREAKING: Elliott Officially Concedes To Ford

The Ontario PCs can now focus on unifying and defeating Kathleen Wynne.

After delaying the concession for quite a while, Christine Elliott has officially accepted the results of the Ontario PC leadership race and conceded to Doug Ford.

On Twitter, Elliott said “I’m in: to unite and defeat Kathleen Wynne.”

Elliott’s statement can be read below:

Elliott’s concession brings the chaotic PC leadership race to an end, and means the party can now focus on ridding Ontario of a Liberal government that has robbed taxpayers, devastated the economy, driven the debt to gigantic levels, and made the province a much worse place to do business.

All Canadians should be cheering for Doug Ford’s success, since a more prosperous Ontario means a more prosperous Canada, and that prosperity can’t be achieved until the Liberals are beaten.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Norbert Kausen

It’s about time she conceded! I was beginning to liken her to Hillary Clinton… not good! Now we’ll see if she plays as part of the team!

S Williston

Christine Elliott-Clinton’s (twin to Hillary Clinton) shocking tantrum because she did not win was disgraceful. Elliott was the ONLY candidate who did not support the injunction request to allow ALL members to vote (a betrayal to the members) yet she had no problem throwing a fit and delaying finalization of the voting results because SHE did not like the results. Her actions have proven that her participation in the leadership race was always about HER and HER alone – her thirst for power. She disgracefully stole the members’ and the winner’s victory celebration at the convention hall, members who paid… Read more »