BREAKING: Elliott Officially Concedes To Ford

The Ontario PCs can now focus on unifying and defeating Kathleen Wynne.

After delaying the concession for quite a while, Christine Elliott has officially accepted the results of the Ontario PC leadership race and conceded to Doug Ford.

On Twitter, Elliott said “I’m in: to unite and defeat Kathleen Wynne.”

Elliott’s statement can be read below:

Elliott’s concession brings the chaotic PC leadership race to an end, and means the party can now focus on ridding Ontario of a Liberal government that has robbed taxpayers, devastated the economy, driven the debt to gigantic levels, and made the province a much worse place to do business.

All Canadians should be cheering for Doug Ford’s success, since a more prosperous Ontario means a more prosperous Canada, and that prosperity can’t be achieved until the Liberals are beaten.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter