Christine Elliott’s Refusal To Concede Helps Kathleen Wynne

By denying Doug Ford the party unity that all candidates had promised, Elliott is doing exactly what Kathleen Wynne wants.

Doug Ford has won the Ontario PC leadership.

All candidates campaigned under the same system, the party analyzed the results, they did a recount, and they rejected challenges of the results.

It’s over.

Ford Nation is victorious.

And yet, Christine Elliott is still refusing to concede to Ford:

If things end up in court, the process could be dragged out for a long time, and this is terrible for the PC Party.

After all, the longer the process goes on, the longer Doug Ford is deprived of the party unity he needs to defeat Kathleen Wynne.

As the candidate of the establishment, Elliott’s refusal to concede in many ways amounts to sabotaging the first days of Ford’s leadership.

What makes this even worse is that all candidates – including Christine Elliott – promised to support the new leader and work to unify the party.

Elliott is now going back on that pledge.

Kathleen Wynne must be laughing at all of this, as every day her main opponents are divided is another day her chances of victory get even higher.

This continues a disturbing trend that we see whenever populist leaders are voted in by the people: The establishment takes a long time to announce their victory, and then immediately undermines the elected leader even after they’ve won.

That can’t keep happening.

Doug Ford won it fair and square, and Elliott needs to concede and fulfill her promise to support the new leader.

Kathleen Wynne must be defeated, and a unified PC party is the only way that can happen.

Spencer Fernando

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Vlad Tepes

Pretty sure she will claim its the Russians next. After that, the media. Then Ontario’s “basket of deplorables”.

Lorne Clinton

This Looks just like Hillary & Never Trumpers down south Damn those feeding on the Public Teet sure hate Losing ;>)


Remarkable resemblance to another election. Do we have a Christine Clinton in our midst?

Sean Short

Spencer; I am not of Ontario so my opinion may be totally discounted. If the charges if territorial miscounted is, however true; and I am not saying it is, isn’t Christine actually standing up for what is right and just? With regards to the premiership, I must disagree. The PC’s could place a banana as the leader and defeat Wynne. She is toast. The PC’s in their leadership race are in fact voting to provide Ontario it’s next premier. Shouldn’t we wish it to be the right one? I like the stated policies of both these candidates and I understand… Read more »


“hillary” elliot is throwing a “clinton”. her book is soon to be seen and signed in a costco dairy or diaper isle near you


The Conservatives back room boys look like they have been infiltrated, and corrupted making it really appear that we no longer have democracy and yes this would make the now very socialist Liberals/NDP happy, Brown and Elliott were going along with Wynne, to keep their programmes running. I am really hoping that Doug Ford can be the man to get through this, the socialist hate propaganda is all ready working, you just have to read the media, so what is really happening????


Does Canada qualify as the worlds largest banana republic?


Doesn’t matter – Wynn wins with Ford running against her anyway.
PCs have screwed up repeatedly or McGuinty and Wynn would never have been able to get away with what they have done to Ontario.


well – she owes wynne for all the high paying contracts she has received… so.


Brilliant Christine … just brilliant … !! Could someone please take her aside and explain a few of the rules of life to her … she obviously is so engrossed in herself she has no clue … likely make a good liberal … !!

don morris

The Ontario PC’s have been a political mess sine Mike Harris retired,just one screw up after another and all played out in the media for everyone to see. The Party must be run by idiots or rank amateurs. The PC’s of Canada;s largest Province are almost farcical in their ineptitude,and after this years debacles, who can really blame Ontario voters if they decide to stick with the devil they know or even choose the NDP?
Yes,Wynne must be cackling in glee as she watches the PC’s AGAIN snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


Such a Trump repeat. Rino Canadians who don’t care about their country. It will be Ford Derangement Syndrome. Never ending hate……never ending drive by media fake news. Which, I guess, shows how good Ford is!!!!!

Miles Lunn

Se has now concede, but electing Ford, not her refusing to concede is helping Wynne. Unlike Elliott Ford is a very divisive figure who appeals well to the base but a huge turnoff to the moderates they need to win over. Elliott was a sure winner in June, with the choice of Ford, both Wynne and especially Howarth now have a chance at winning. He has very high negatives and a lot of baggage so why on earth the party would want to throw away a winneable election beats me.


What a political nightmare for the Ontario Conservatives, and for the future of that province and ultimately the country. Hopefully Elliott can look beyond herself and move forward with Ford to unify their Party.

Dave Bainard

So Eliot must be a swamp dweller.

Evelyn Sewers

If you joined were you suppose to get to vote?