Christine Elliott’s Refusal To Concede Helps Kathleen Wynne

By denying Doug Ford the party unity that all candidates had promised, Elliott is doing exactly what Kathleen Wynne wants.

Doug Ford has won the Ontario PC leadership.

All candidates campaigned under the same system, the party analyzed the results, they did a recount, and they rejected challenges of the results.

It’s over.

Ford Nation is victorious.

And yet, Christine Elliott is still refusing to concede to Ford:

If things end up in court, the process could be dragged out for a long time, and this is terrible for the PC Party.

After all, the longer the process goes on, the longer Doug Ford is deprived of the party unity he needs to defeat Kathleen Wynne.

As the candidate of the establishment, Elliott’s refusal to concede in many ways amounts to sabotaging the first days of Ford’s leadership.

What makes this even worse is that all candidates – including Christine Elliott – promised to support the new leader and work to unify the party.

Elliott is now going back on that pledge.

Kathleen Wynne must be laughing at all of this, as every day her main opponents are divided is another day her chances of victory get even higher.

This continues a disturbing trend that we see whenever populist leaders are voted in by the people: The establishment takes a long time to announce their victory, and then immediately undermines the elected leader even after they’ve won.

That can’t keep happening.

Doug Ford won it fair and square, and Elliott needs to concede and fulfill her promise to support the new leader.

Kathleen Wynne must be defeated, and a unified PC party is the only way that can happen.

Spencer Fernando

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