Freeland Contradicts Trudeau’s India Conspiracy Theory, Calls Atwal Invite “Honest Mistake”

Trudeau has spread a conspiracy theory that seriously damaged our relationship with India, and even members of the government don’t seem to believe it.

It seems Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland went off-script in a recent interview, when she contradicted Trudeau’s conspiracy theory about the controversial Atwal invite.

In an interview with Evan Solomon on CTV, Freeland said she told India’s foreign minister the invite was a mistake:

“I started off the meeting by saying to her that it had been an honest mistake and that the invitation had been withdrawn. I felt it was incumbent on me to explain to her Canada’s thinking behind this invitation. It was important for her to hear, directly from me, that this was a person that in the view of the government of Canada had no business being at that reception.”

Of course, “an honest mistake” isn’t the same as what Justin Trudeau had said.

As the invite became widely known, the Trudeau government sent out an “anonymous” spokesman – later revealed to be Trudeau’s national security advisor – to spread a conspiracy theory blaming India’s government for the Atwal invite.

The government couldn’t offer any proof, and when Ralph Goodale tried to defend the conspiracy idea he failed miserably.

Now that Freeland is calling the invite a “mistake,” it raises the question of why Trudeau hasn’t apologized for spreading the conspiracy theory and has refused to revok his backing of the discredited idea.

With nobody else defending it, Trudeau is still leaving the theory out there to try and protect his bruised ego, even as it damages our relationship with India. For Trudeau, his own image comes before everything else.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeau forgets too often who pays him.

chris malmstrom

when liars are caught in a lie, they tell another lie in an attempt to cover up the first lie. Being so high and mighty on his worldly pedestal, Trudoh has no idea what the word “truth” means…and being a Liberal just compounds the arrogance that his lies should be accepted…not questioned! Can’t wait for Andrew to tear this liar apart…that’s IF he shows up to question period!

Clarence Ewasiuk

Why the Governor General hasn’t called an election on a non confidence motion is beyond belief. The trudope has to go now !


Did anyone else notice when Atwal was reading the script he was given by his “lawyer”, he was barely capable of reading it? He has been in Canada how many years and and still can’t properly speak English. What the hell is going on with this country? I thought basic command of one of our official languages was required to migrate.

Could it be he walked across?


It may be one or the other, or another reason… but honest mistake? Have not some politicians been more interested in catering to some special interest groups than helping some Canadians? Some peoples’ actions over the long term speak much louder than words ever can. Discriminating against others, Canadians, says so much.

Elizabeth Thorne

Another puppet, I do wish they would all —be quiet– and stop embarrassing Canadians.


Spencer, read this:

Upcoming gun bill ‘scaring the hell out of the Liberal caucus,’ and Trudeau’s response to Harvey’s concerns puts a chill on backbenchers, say Liberals

When jihadi Trudeau told his mps that he supports terrorists keeping their citizenship and they must follow suit NOT ONE OF THOSE SAME WEAK MPS showed any fear for the safety and protection of their constituents to resign yet they are worried ‘about ‘ the lack of discussion on gun legislation’ .


This swine needs to find a job he can handle, he probably could get his old job back as head BOUNCER in the nursing home 🙂