WATCH: Doug Ford’s Full Victory Speech

“Tonight we took the first step in defeating Kathleen Wynne.”

After a chaotic day and night that capped a chaotic period for the Ontario PC Party, the party now has some certainty.

Doug Ford won the Ontario PC leadership race, leading Ford Nation against the establishment and achieving victory.

After sending everybody home without results, the Ontario PC Party held a press conference to announce Ford’s win, giving Ford his first chance to address the people of Ontario in his new role.

Ford said “tonight we took the first step in defeating Kathleen Wynne,” adding “the people of Ontario want the Ontario Liberals gone, and they deserve nothing less.”

Ford’s win sends a message that endorsements from politicians and donations from well-connected elites aren’t always enough to win. The grassroots still matter, and a connection with the grassroots is what put Ford over the top.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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