After “Chilling” Verbal Attack On Liberal MP, Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” Exposed As Total Fraud

Trudeau’s “Sunny Ways” image is nothing but a fraudulent propaganda tactic designed to obscure his angry, deceptive, and authoritarian attitude.

It’s easy to learn how to smile for cameras.

After all, with a bit of training, anyone can learn how to act like a happy person – especially when various taxpayer-funded costumes are provided for the occasion.

But what really counts is how a leader treats people when the cameras are off, and we’re learning that Trudeau’s behaviour behind the scenes is totally at odds with the propaganda image he projects.

As noted earlier, Liberal MPs told the Hill Times that Trudeau launched a verbal attack on MP T.J. Harvey – all because Harvey said there should be more consultation on gun control legislation.

Remember, when Trudeau was campaigning for power, he said it would be the job of MPs to represent their constituents views to the government, not represent the government’s views to constituents. He’s not saying that anymore.

In fact, Trudeau’s behaviour shows he thinks exactly the opposite.

He launched an attack against Harvey that Liberal MPs called “vitriolic,” and pointed out it will be “chilling” when it comes to people speaking openly.

Others said Trudeau’s ‘angry tone’ could have an “intimidating effect.”

Clearly, this is as far from “Sunny Ways” as anyone can get.

Of course, many Canadians could see for a long time that “Sunny Ways” was a fraud.

Just watch Trudeau in Question Period, where he mixes anger (even rage), arrogance, deception, condescension, and entitlement – all while avoiding any answers.

“Sunny Ways” is nothing more than a propaganda tactic to hide who Trudeau really is. Now that the facade is increasingly crumbling, when Canadians witness the real Justin Trudeau, we don’t like what we see.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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