CONTEMPT: Trudeau’s Attack On Rural Liberal MP Shows His Contempt For Rural Canadians

Justin Trudeau seems more willing to defend the “rights” of convicted terrorists than he is to stand up for his MPs right to represent their constituents.

The revelation that Justin Trudeau verbally “attacked” Liberal MP T.J. Harvey has shown that Trudeau’s unstable authoritarian mindset is getting even worse.

It also shows something else:

Trudeau’s total contempt for rural Canadians.

The imposition of the carbon tax was already a clear sign of Trudeau’s contempt, as was his tax assault on Canadian family businesses – including many family farms.

Yet, the fact that Trudeau chose to target T.J. Harvey – who is the chair of the Liberal Rural Caucus – removes any shred of doubt that could have existed about Trudeau’s contempt for rural Canadians.

After all, Harvey was expressing the concerns of many people who are worried about gun legislation, considering that previous Liberal gun control attempts end up imposing bureaucracy and restrictions on law-abiding rural gun owners while doing nothing to stop the problem of urban gun crime.

Just as the gun registry failed to reduce crime, there are fears that new legislation will only hurt law-abiding citizens.

If Trudeau really believed in listening, he would have shown respect to Harvey – and Harvey’s constituents. Instead, Trudeau showed total contempt by attacking Harvey.

As a Liberal MP told the Hill Times, “Justin was much too vitriolic and attacked him. “We’re also supposed to have the right to voice our opinion.”

“Sources said that the whole caucus was taken aback by the prime minister’s unusually angry tone, which they said would have an “intimidating effect” on MPs’ willingness to raise issues in future caucus meetings.”

If that’s how Trudeau treats his own Liberal Rural Caucus chair, imagine what he thinks about rural Canadians?

Rural seats won Trudeau his majority, and can take it away from him

While the Liberals are primarily an urban party, they picked up enough rural seats in 2015 to win a majority. It will only take a small loss in rural support for the Liberals to lose any hope of winning another majority government, and that’s certainly weighing on the minds of MPs like Harvey who have the terrible burden of trying to defend Trudeau’s anti-rural attitudes.

At this point, it looks like the Liberals could lose tons of support across Canada, and given Trudeau’s manifest contempt for rural Canadians, many of those lost votes will be in rural Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The behaviour of a spoiled-rotten, childish, trust fund brat that throws tantrums when people disagree with him. Surely, this is not the best Canada has to offer. 2019 cannot come soon enough to be rid of this experiment that is Justin Trudeau!


My grandfather was not a fan of the government but was a law abiding person. When the gun registry came into effect, he ended up turning in his guns rather than having them registered. There must have been others. In this regard, the hidden agenda of the registry succeeded in taking guns out of the hands of law abiding people. If they were to try that again, hard to say what would happen. All I can say is the government needs to keep their noses out where it doesn’t belong. Law abiding Canadians have guns for hunting, sport, collections, and… Read more »


i went out and got my p.a.l. because of truduh!’s policies, wanting to let isis fighters in to canada, the very ones who tried to kill our solders… i believe in the police, law and order and am law abiding… safely stored and used…


Good on ya! Cheers


Hey Rural Liberal MP’s how do you like the angry little potato dictator now? He’s dangerous! Suggest you cross the floor while you still can. Help stop Justin’s quest to become like the Chinese ‘leader for life’. You will not be able to protect your farms as ISIS terrorists will need them. BTW the ISIS returnees will be exempt from any gun controls. Your properties will be part of their therapy and you will be required to kill any pigs you may be raising before they arrive.

don morris

Where’s Waldo? Errrr,I mean Andrew Scheer. Trudeau is committing political suicide the last few weeks, and the only member of the CPC we’ve heard from is Maxime Bernier. (the guy the CPC should have elected Leader) Gerald Butts and Katie Telford will bring the upset novice MP’s back into line by convincing them that they win with Justin,or lose without him. Gun owners across the Country are nervously awaiting the new Bill,as we know it isn’t going to be good news for a lot of us. Liberals like to pick a scapegoat, and gun owners,mostly rural residents, are perfect targets… Read more »


Fool the people once …. but not twice. Canadians are fed up.


Don, this time around it’s the public who have to speak up not just Andrew Sheer or any cpc mp for that matter. What jihadi Justin and his party and the media are doing to Canada concerns us all not just to Andrew Sheer besides the media would not allow him to speak against their god.

Ray Decorby

let’s hope all of the Maritimes see’s this disrespect for yet another MP like Harvey. Would be nice to see a few Liberal MP’s consult with their disillusioned electorate, then cross the floor…could happen.


The Maritimers don’t care as long as they are spoon-fed by the gov besides the dictated muzzled media will limit the subject on Harvey knowing that the people will soon forget.

Wendy Lush

Top photo: JT holds a remarkable resemblance to the Turkish prosecutor in 1978’s “Midnight Express”, and which could possibly be a more suitable vocation for Trudeau, in line with his ‘heartfelt’ beliefs.


“It will only take a small loss in rural support for the Liberals to lose any hope of winning another majority government”
Shhhh – don’t tell them! It will be a very gloomy day for Canada if those Liberals get back in!


Harvey was in the same room with jihadi trudeau when trudeau made his commitment to protecting terrorists’ rights rather than protect the Canadian’s rights from act of terror and rather than resign his seat for his constituents, Harvey decided on his own to stay with jihadi trudeau’s gov. No wonder his mps are treated this way since they all made a vow to keeping Jihadi Trudeau radical behaviour going while he destroys Canada. If any of those lib mp had a shred of pride for their constituents and country, THEY WOULD WALKED OUT ON DICTATOR TRUDEAU. But, they love him… Read more »