DEMOCRACY? McKenna Tells Saskatchewan The Feds Are Imposing Carbon Tax Whether They Want It Or Not

Apparently, the Trudeau government thinks ‘democracy’ means doing whatever they say without questioning anything.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and the Trudeau government are refusing to listen to the voices of people in Saskatchewan, and are saying they will impose a carbon tax on the unwilling province.

As noted by the CP, Mckenna sent a letter to Saskatchewan environment minister Dustin Duncan saying Saskatchewan has to design their own carbon tax or she will impose a federal carbon tax on them: “The other nine provinces have taken us up on that approach,” she wrote. “It’s unfortunate that your government has not yet chosen to do the same. “I remain hopeful that you will change course ahead of the Sept. 1 deadline for all provinces and territories to submit their carbon-pricing plans.”

“To be clear, we cannot accept your request not to price carbon in Saskatchewan,” she said. “In the event that your government does not adopt a price on pollution that meets our standard, we would have no choice but to ensure that a price on pollution applies in Saskatchewan, just as we would anywhere else in the country.”

Saskatchewan is refusing to back down, with Premier Scott Moe saying their position hasn’t changed. The provincial government still opposes the carbon tax.

The actions by McKenna and the Trudeau government show the danger of centralizing power – especially in the hands of authoritarian minded people. Individual provinces should be able to try out different policies and economic approaches, which enables better competition and experimentation. By forcing all provinces into a one-size fits all system – especially when that system is an economically damaging carbon tax – the Trudeau government is creating more resentment, and is overstepping their bounds.

There’s an interesting contrast in how they are handling the carbon tax issue – asserting federal power in a dubious way – and how they are handling the Trans Mountain pipeline dispute. Even though the Trans Mountain project crosses several provinces – firmly making it federal jurisdiction – the government refuses to act.

Meanwhile, even though a carbon tax should be a choice left up to individual jurisdictions, the Trudeau government arrogantly acts as if it can impose whatever they want.

This refusal to listen to the people, and a refusal to listen to levels of government that are closer to the people, is a dangerous trend that must be stopped and reversed, or Canadian national unity will continue to weaken and our nation will become far more divided and far economically troubled as our democracy erodes and withers away.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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