FAIL: After Entire Year, Trudeau Government Spending Review Can’t Find Even One Example Of Saving Taxpayers Money

The government expects us all to find savings in our own budgets so we can pay their ever-increasing taxes, but when it comes to getting their own spending in order, the Trudeau government fails miserably.

According to a new report, a promised spending review initiated a year ago by the Trudeau government has failed so miserably that not only did it fail to find even one thing to cut, it is instead being used “to justify new spending.”

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “The plan for a wide-ranging spending review was laid out nearly a year ago in the 2017 budget, but a promise to show results in the 2018 budget never materialized. The 2017 budget promised a “comprehensive review” of at least three federal departments that would “eliminate poorly targeted and inefficient programs, wasteful spending and ineffective and obsolete government initiatives.” It also promised a detailed review of the $10-billion-a-year federal budget for purchasing and maintaining fixed assets, such as government buildings. A third element – which was addressed in the 2018 budget – promised to review federal innovation programs.”

The government claims more details will be announced in the future, but they’ve already missed their deadline to show results in the last budget – a deadline they set for themselves.

As the report notes, a statement issued by a spokesman for the Treasury Board President Scott Brison didn’t include any info on budget savings, and “In fact, the statement highlighted new spending.”


Zero effort to balance the budget

At this point, it’s clear that there is no effort by the Trudeau government to balance the budget, as even their own spending review shows they aren’t even looking for areas to find savings.

This fits with their attitude of entitlement to the money that rightfully belongs to Canadian taxpayers.

It’s massive hypocrisy, as the government expects us to find savings in our own budgets so we can pay the escalating burden of taxes, yet they refuse to show any respect for our money and spend it with reckless abandon.

As Treasury Board Critic Gerard Deltell told the Globe & Mail, “When you have a government that, in the big picture, decides to have a big deficit, three times as big as expected, with no zero-deficit target, this is why there is no seriousness in this government when it comes to being careful when spending public money.”

As we have seen in other recent stories, the Trudeau government continues showing disgusting contempt for Canadians, and throwing our money around without even being able to find one example of savings in an entire year is a pathetic failure.

And in case the Trudeau Liberals try to say “every government does this,” it’s essential to point out that this contempt is a big contrast from how the Harper government dealt with spending reviews:

“Sahir Khan, a former expenditure-management director at Treasury Board, said Ottawa needs to be more transparent about its spending reviews. He noted a similar process announced in the 2007 budget under the Conservatives produced a clear breakdown in following budgets that showed where savings were found.”

Other government’s weren’t perfect at handling our national finances, but the Trudeau government is undeniably making things far worse.

Spencer Fernando

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This well written article should be on the front page of every news media across the nation every day until people finally understand, along with some of Spencer’s other very pointed politely written articles, oh I forgot the Lieberals pay them all with our taxes to slant the news in their favour. There is not one honest peoplekind Lieberal in that party or they would cross the floor and vote against this corrupt government for the Canadians they should be representing.

Wendy Lush

What do you expect from $2 million dollar Trust-Fund Boy? He’s never had to struggle financially in his life. Spend, spend, spend is what JT did best (aside from virtue-signalling). Budgeting was and is an unknown phenomenon to him.

Somehow this shallow uninformed prat became Prime Minister of Canada and is continuing his “spendthrift” ways. Virtually every decision he makes is the worst possible one. We’re living a nightmare.

Rick Churchill

The Liberals feel entitled to spend our money with reckless abandon because they know they will escape the consequences that affect the rest of us.