“INTIMIDATING EFFECT”: Trudeau Verbally “Attacks” Liberal MP In Caucus Meeting Over Gun Control Legislation

Trudeau’s arrogant and autocratic nature is getting worse and worse by the day.

A disturbing new report reveals that Justin Trudeau’s arrogance and autocratic behaviour is getting even worse.

Trudeau has ignored Canadians over and over and over again, he has sold out our country to foreign powers, he has betrayed his word, and has accumulated more and more power in his hands at the expense of the people.

And now, he’s even attacking his own MPs behind closed doors.

As reported by the Hill Times, “According to Liberal MPs and insiders, Mr. Trudeau (Papineau, Que.) verbally “attacked” rookie Liberal MP T.J. Harvey (Tobique-Mactaquac, N.B.), chair of the Liberal rural caucus, during the Feb. 28 national caucus meeting on Parliament Hill. Mr. Harvey stood up to say that there was a “lack” of meaningful consultation with the caucus over the government’s upcoming gun control legislation.”

“Justin was much too vitriolic and attacked him,” one Liberal MP, referring to Mr. Harvey, told The Hill Times, who spoke on condition of anonymity since the closed-door caucus meetings are confidential. “We’re also supposed to have the right to voice our opinion.”

This MP said the soon to be tabled gun legislation is “scaring the hell out of the Liberal caucus,” especially the ones representing rural ridings.”

Additionally, “Sources said that the whole caucus was taken aback by the prime minister’s unusually angry tone, which they said would have an “intimidating effect” on MPs’ willingness to raise issues in future caucus meetings.”

Liberal MPs are now seeing how Trudeau treats Canadians

Trudeau has been treating Canadians with total contempt for years, and now Liberal MPs are seeing that contempt directed their way.

It’s also notable that Trudeau attacked Harvey – a rural MP – as Trudeau shows total disregard for the concerns of rural Canadians.

As we can see, Trudeau doesn’t want to listen to anybody, he wants a “basic dictatorship” where he dictates orders to Gerald Butts and Katie Telford and they then dictate that to the MPs.

That’s not a democracy.

Now it becomes more and more obvious that Justin Trudeau’s love for dictatorships in China and Cuba is really who he is.

He wants power at all costs, and he is willing to attack elected MPs – even when they are in his own party – in order to get what he wants.

Time for his MPs to truly stand up for Canadians and stop giving their support to Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando

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