POLL: Ford PCs In Majority Government Territory

PCs have huge lead over NDP, Wynne Liberals in third.

A new poll from Forum Research taken in the wake of Doug Ford’s leadership victory shows the Ontario PCs with a decisive lead over both the NDP and Liberals.

Here are the key results:

PCs – 44%

NDP – 27%

Liberals – 23%

Greens – 5%

Translated into seats, that would be 84 for the Ford PCs, 29 for the NDP, and just 11 for the Liberals.

Ford’s initial numbers polarizing, but far ahead of Wynne

Opinion on Ford is split, with 48% saying they disapprove, 36% saying they approve, and 16% saying they don’t know.

However, Ford’s numbers are far ahead of Kathleen Wynne, who has struggled to even get above 20% approval.

With 36% already supporting him, and another 16% unsure, that leaves over 50% potential support for Ford, which is far above what he and the PCs need for a massive majority government.

This poll – taken even before Ford has a chance to get his message out as party leader – shows that the claims of the establishment that Ford was unelectable were dead wrong. Ford has more than enough support to win, and Ford Nation will form a powerful advocacy, fundraising, and campaigning machine.

That said, the we know that the Liberals will try every possible lie and trick in a desperate attempt to hold onto power, so we all need to keep getting the truth out to counter the inevitable onslaught of lies, deception, and BS coming from the Wynne Liberals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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