DISTURBING: 21% Of Canadians Say They Would Trade Right To Vote For Debt Relief

This is exactly what the elites want: A desperate population struggling with debt willing to give up our democratic rights.

A disturbing survey conducted by Ipsos for MNP shows how desperate many Canadians are to get rid of debt.

As noted by BNN, “The survey by Ipsos conducted for insolvency firm MNP Ltd found that 85 per cent of Canadians with debt say they are willing to make personal sacrifices to deal with their debt, with 21 per cent saying they would give up their right to vote for the next eight years to avoid ever having to make another debt payment.”

The survey comes as Canadians’ debt levels are getting even worse, with consumer debt rising to $1.82 trillion, an increase from $1.72 trillion the year before.

The globalist elites want a desperate, financially insecure population

While most people will be disturbed by 21% of Canadians saying they are willing to give up their democratic rights in order to be free of debt, the globalist elites will be happy to hear it.

They don’t want people to become financially independent and prosperous, because it’s tougher to control a population that is free of debt.

Instead, the globalist elites want all of us to be heavily in debt to big banks, at the same time as we get slammed by higher and higher taxes.

As I’ve said before, if the government really wanted to empower Canadians, they would cut taxes, reduce regulations to boost growth, and get rid of the carbon tax. Higher growth and lower taxes reduces the burden of debt for Canadians, and enables more of our citizens to achieve financial independence.

Instead, the Trudeau government is doing the opposite, restricting the economy and imposing more and more tax hikes even as debt levels spike.

It couldn’t be more obvious that the Trudeau Government doesn’t want us to be free, they want us under control, and keeping people burdened by debt is a big part of their agenda.

Spencer Fernando

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