READ: Conservatives Release Open Letter To Quebecers As Bloc Crumbles

The Conservative Party has released an open letter to Quebecers, making a bid for more support as Trudeau’s popularity declines and the Bloc Quebecois breaks apart.

The full English version of the letter can be read below:

Open letter to Quebecers

“Quebecers are rightly concerned about what they are currently seeing on the federal political scene. I am concerned as well.

Justin Trudeau continues to prove over and over that he does not have what it takes to govern this country. He has broken ethics and conflicts of interest laws and jeopardizes our trade relationships with a foreign partner. In addition to what we see from the Liberals, the Bloc is in another existential crisis.

We in the Conservative Party know that we must work hard to restore the confidence of voters.

I know that many Quebecers believe in Conservative principles. It is our responsibility to ensure that Quebecers feel at home and welcome in our Party.

Many of you believe in lower taxes, the efficient management of public finances and leadership that is focused on ensuring its policies always put people before government

You want a government that combats crime and ensures that victims are supported.

You believe the government must be compassionate towards the most vulnerable and ensures that our seniors have the retirement and the respect they deserve.

To you, a competent government offers a better future for our children and grandchildren and creates favorable conditions for our entrepreneurs and farmers in order to create jobs, while protecting the environment.

Finally, you want the federal government to respect areas of provincial jurisdiction and its obligations to our provincial partners, and to work in collaboration with them.

All of these priorities are part of our positive Conservative vision for Canada. I know that many Quebecers support these principles and want a government that respects them.

When we were in government, our Party led the House of Commons in recognizing that Quebecers form a nation. We resolved the fiscal imbalance, gave Quebec a seat on UNESCO and transferred important funds for Quebec’s environmental plan.

As the Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, I want to spearhead a unifying, positive and respectful conversation with Quebecers. We must establish an open, inclusive and constructive dialogue to see how the next Conservative government will ensure that a greater majority of Quebecers feel more at home in Canada.

I am very proud to speak French, and I work every day to master this founding language of our country, because the Prime Minister of Canada must be able to speak to Canadians in both official languages.

The members of our Quebec caucus are working hard on your behalf. I want to build on their hard work to increase the number of Quebec MPs in our caucus.

To all federalists who are disappointed by Justin Trudeau’s failure and bad management, and to nationalists who are tired of the Bloc’s arguing and existential crisis, and who believe in a strong Quebec within a united Canada, there is a place for you in the Conservative Party of Canada.

I will make every effort to show all Quebecers who have been disappointed by what they have seen in federal politics that there is an alternative for them.

Together, let’s build the Canada of tomorrow.”

The letter comes as Trudeau’s poll numbers fall and the Bloc collapses, but polls still show the Conservatives far behind in Quebec.

With Trudeau struggling in the West and Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada are his core remaining strongholds of high popular support, and the Conservatives need to bring his numbers down there in order to ensure he doesn’t get re-elected in 2019.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube