DANGEROUS: Former Federal Minister Ujjal Dosanjh Says Jagmeet Singh’s Attendance At Khalistani Rally Shows He “Can’t Distinguish Between Whether Or Not The Use Of Violence Is Appropriate In Political Matters”

At this point, it’s impossible to see how the people of Canada could trust Jagmeet Singh to lead a Canadian government.

Ujjal Dosanjh – a former federal cabinet minister and former Premier of B.C. who has courageously stood up against Khalistani extremism throughout his career and was once almost killed for it – ripped into Jagmeet Singh’s presence at an event that venerated a Khalistani extremist.

In an interview with CBC, Dosanjh didn’t hold back:

“It sends a message that Mr. Singh can’t distinguish between whether or not the use of violence is appropriate in political matters.”

Dosanjh said Singh has a history of associating with those friendly to the idea of Sikh separatism.

“This is not an isolated incident for Mr. Singh, if you put it alongside his refusal to condemn Parmar, a Canadian terrorist who killed Canadians, and him being honoured at temples that have portraits of Parmar and others on the wall,” he said.

“I just think there’s absolutely no doubt, in anyone’s mind, that Mr. Singh may harbour sympathies for those who want to dismember India.”

Dosanjh knows what he’s talking about.

Unlike Singh, Dosanjh had the courage to stand against Khalistani extremism, and was viciously beaten in a 1985 attack for his courageous stance.

Canadians need to listen to what Dosanjh is saying. If Jagmeet Singh “can’t distinguish between whether or not the use of violence is appropriate in political matters,” then it’s obvious that he can’t be allowed to become Prime Minister of our great nation.

Every chance he gets, Singh refuses to clarify his views, and refuses to condemn the Khalistani movement.

If Singh doesn’t trust Canadians enough to tell us his real views, how can we ever trust him to have power over our country?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube