LOYALTY? Jagmeet Singh Calls India “Our Country Where We Live”

Jagmeet Singh says he wants to lead Canada. So why is he calling India his “country?”

It goes without saying that Canadians expect loyalty from our leaders.

And particularly, that loyalty must be based upon the foundation of being Canadian above all else.

Divided loyalties, particularly loyalties to extremist causes and foreign countries are unacceptable, especially in somebody who wants to be the top leader in Canada.

That’s why Jagmeet Singh’s comments at a Sikh-separatist rally in San Francisco are so disturbing.

At a rally – which venerated a violent extremist – Singh said “Why do we talk about genocide, what happened to us? We are talking about it because, in our country where we live, that country intentionally tried to wipe us out, that in that country it was a planned process to attack the Golden Temple.”

While Singh’s attendance at the rally and support of the Khalistani cause is already disturbing enough, his use of the term “our country where we live” when speaking about India is a huge problem.

If Singh sees India as his country, why does he want to lead Canada? Note, he didn’t say he is both Indian and Canadian, he called only India his “country.”

Also, while it could be understandable for someone born in India to call India their country – due to a connection to their birthplace – Singh was born in Canada – yet still called India his country.

Not good.

We can’t have somebody who speaks at events venerating extremists and seeking to break up another country.

Singh – like any leader – is supposed to be loyal to Canada above all else. If Singh can’t do that, then no Canadian can trust him in a position of leadership.

It’s far too big a risk to allow Singh to gain power.

Spencer Fernando

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