REPORT: Edmonton Terror Attack Suspect Found Mentally Fit To Stand Trial

Assessment finds that Abdulahi Hasan Sharif – a Somali refugee claimant who reportedly supported ISIS – will not be able to use the ‘Not Criminally Responsible’ designation to avoid trial.

Sharif allegedly tried running down five people in Edmonton, and ran into, then stabbed a police officer.

An ISIS flag was found in a vehicle allegedly used by Sharif in the attack, and there were reports that people who knew him mentioned his support for ISIS.

Now, he has been found mentally fit to stand trail.

As reported by the Edmonton Journal, “Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, 31, does not meet the threshold to be deemed not criminally responsible following the completion of a court-ordered assessment. Medical professionals preparing reports on criminal responsibility assess whether an accused person understood their actions, right from wrong, and their ability to control their own behaviour at the time of an offence.”

His lawyer – Karanpal Aujla – said he was “surprised” that Sharif was found mentally fit to face the charges, as he thought his mental issues would give Sharif the NCR designation:

“Aujla said his client’s mental health challenges were precipitated because of his background. He declined to elaborate, but confirmed the issues are “akin” to trauma experienced by refugees. RCMP have said Sharif is originally from Somalia. He made an asylum claim at a Canada-U.S. border crossing in 2012 and was granted refugee status later that year, according to federal officials.”

Sharif will be arraigned May 4th.

As I said before, “Strangely, much of the elitist media has been also downplaying the radical Islamist terrorism angle, even though an ISIS flag was reportedly found in a vehicle allegedly used by Sharif in the attack. Once again, we see the elites and the government establishment doing everything they can to hide the fact that Canadians face a threat from radical Islamism, a threat that could continue to grow as the government allows ISIS fighters to return to Canada.”

As you can see in the photo below, ignoring the ISIS angle goes against reality:

Edmonton Terrorist Attack Suspect Identified As Abdulahi Hasan Sharif

Think about it this way: If the government can’t protect us from an attack like the one allegedly committed by Sharif, how can they expect to protect us from returning ISIS fighters who are allowed to breach our borders and enter our country?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Since the defendant is mentally fit to stand trial, then the motivation of this attack will be investigated. Even though he is clearly motivated by his Islamic ideology to wage jihad against the Kafir, as stated in their holy books, this fact will be downplayed or just plain buried.


We have no laws that say people running in our political parties should all have public, honest, background checks, why not?? We had a trusting system built on trust and respect and community, older Canadians were too naïve, they just expected politicians to be fairly honest but tricksters but at least try their best to care and protect our country. Now we have globalists that dislike Canada, with personal terrible agendas, selflessly taxing more and borrowing huge amounts needlessly for other countries and personal outside of Canada agendas, not in the least caring about future generations of Canada, dividing us,… Read more »


Woops this should have been under Jagmeet Singh’s post, sorry.