REPORT: Jagmeet Singh Spoke At Sikh Separatist Rally In San Francisco That “Extolled A Violent Extremist”

Singh accused India of “genocide.”

A disturbing report by the Globe & Mail raises serious new doubts about Jagmeet Singh.

The report reveals that Jagmeet Singh spoke at a Khalistani Sikh separatist rally outside of Canada.

According to the report, “NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh took part in a separatist Sikh homeland rally in San Francisco in June of 2015 that venerated a violent Sikh religious leader who was killed in the Indian army assault on the Golden Temple in 1984. Mr. Singh, then an NDP member of the Ontario Legislature, was invited to speak at a “sovereignty rally” where speakers denounced India and called for an independent Sikh state known as Khalistan.”

The Globe & Mail had someone translate Singh’s speech – which was made on a stage that “featured a large poster of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, the leader of an armed extremist group that occupied the Golden Temple.”

In the speech, Singh accused India of “genocide.”

“Why do we talk about genocide, what happened to us? We are talking about it because, in our country where we live, that country intentionally tried to wipe us out, that in that country it was a planned process to attack the Golden Temple.”

The Globe & Mail says Singh refused to be interviewed in response to the report, and refused to answer whether he supports breaking up India and creating a separate Sikh homeland.

He also refused to answer “why he attended a rally that extolled a violent extremist and whether he considers Mr. Bhindranwale a martyr or freedom fighter.”

Notably, Singh called India “our country where we live,” which is a very disturbing statement from someone who wants to lead Canada.

Another speaker at the same event said “Let’s all today take a pledge that we will not sit idle until the Khalistan is achieved.”

NDP must answer serious questions about Jagmeet Singh

We can imagine that many in the NDP will now want a do-over of their leadership race, since their current leader has now been revealed to have disturbing connections to an event that extolled extremists, and called another nation his “country.”

Not to mention the fact that if Singh became PM, our relationship with India – already damaged by Trudeau’s horrendous trip – would be totally destroyed.

Jagmeet Singh must hold a full press conference and answer all these questions to the satisfaction of the Canadian people. If he can’t do that, then he has no business leading a federal political party.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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