WATCH: Jagmeet Singh’s Speech At Khalistani Rally

Video has emerged of Jagmeet Singh’s speech at a Sikh separatist rally in San Francisco, where he accused India of “genocide” and called India his “country.”

In the speech, Singh accused India of “genocide,” and strangely referred to India as “our country where we live,” despite having been born in Canada.

In the video, Singh alternates between English and Punjabi.

The speech can be seen below:

As the backlash to his speech spreads, a desperate Jagmeet Singh released a weak statement where he refused to distance himself from the Khalistani movement.

Singh’s weak statement has failed to stem the growing backlash against his remarks, with many questioning how Canada could have a leader who has what appear to be such divided loyalties.

It’s looking like the NDP has made a huge mistake.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Jagmeet is misrepresenting the truth. He states “innocents” were deliberately targeted in the Golden Temple by the Indian army. He should face the fact that it is the militant Sikhs who had filled that sacred place into a weapons depot with the intention to kill non-Sikhs and soldiers. They desecrated that temple, the Indian Army had no choice but to get the coward militants who were in hiding there and using innocent pilgrims as human sheilds.


He must never be able to be in politics in Canada ever again!


Yes, indeed it is really bad!

Elizabeth Thorne

He is more trouble for Canadians.


Here in Ontario, Jagmeet Singh media, has made this into him being against terrorism any where in the world, but our Lieberal/NDP (socialists) government made it out as he was here in Canada and that Sikhs were persecuted in India and now he wanted to help the people of Canada. So they let on he is some kind of hero, instead of his feeding off Canadian taxpayers, they did not translate his speech, in their slanted media, so the socialist parties in Canada are all foreign owned and controlled. We need a Canadian government for and Controlled by Canada. This… Read more »

Jerry Ram

Is this what the NDP elected as their leader? He looks as if he just came out of a pencil sharpener! Not only this, but he lies like a rug.
Light travels faster than sound.
This is why some people appear bright
until you hear them speak.

Craig M Carmichael

You didn’t mention Justine by name, but we know who you are talking about.

Ram Tuff
Ram Tuff

Hindu right wing group vandalises prayer home , Burnt copies of the Bible lying outside the prayer home at Sikkandar Chavadi in Madurai. |


Seditious behaviour but a tempest in a teapot, nonetheless. Quebec will never vote a Sikh in as leader guaranteeing that the NDP remain a 3rd place fringe party for as along as he remains leader… not that they weren’t already.