APPALLING: Trudeau Government Has NO PLAN For How They’re Spending $186.7 BILLION In Infrastructure Money

Parliamentary Budget Officer says the government is not providing the details needed on how so much money is planned to be spent.

The Trudeau Liberals have made a big deal about their “historic investments” in infrastructure.

Now however, the Parliamentary Budget Officer says the Trudeau government has no plan on how to spend a whopping $186.7 BILLION in proposed infrastructure money.

As noted by the CP, “Parliamentary budget officer Jean-Denis Frechette says the Liberals don’t yet have a plan for how the federal government will spend $186.7 billion in infrastructure money over the next 12 years.”

“Government officials have vowed to provide more information beyond what was in last month’s budget that updated spending figures on the program, but they delivered what Frechette calls an incomplete account of $91.1 billion in existing spending. Frechette’s office says in a report released today that the Liberals won’t spend about one-quarter of planned infrastructure spending between 2016 and 2019, with the cash being shifted to future years.”

This is appalling.

There is widespread support for increased infrastructure spending, and it’s one of the few areas where government spending can make an important difference, both in short-term job creation and in long-term economic growth.

Yet, it seems the Trudeau government – showing total incompetence – simply announced big infrastructure spending increases in order to get political points for it, while having no plan to actually deliver.

So, not only can this government not find any ways to save our money – a year-long spending review didn’t find one opportunity for cuts – they can’t even spend our money correctly.

With weaker infrastructure, the result will be weaker economic growth, lost jobs, and lost investment throughout the economy. The incompetence of the Trudeau government will make a difficult economic situation even worse.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

According to the division of powers in our Constitution, apart from something like the Trans-Canada highway, infrastructure funding is a provincial responsibility. This has lead to pork barrel politics by both federal parties over the years. Now, I understand that Trudeau has broadened ‘infrastructure’ to include ‘social infrastructure’.

Edward Roger Peebles

The Government is Beyond incompetent…!
Ed Peebles

Diana Barron

Of COURSE turdo has no answers. As always he’s just stealing billions of our tax dollars with no plan whatever what he’ll spend it on except more extravagant family vacations and handing millions to the dozens of ISIS killers he brought back to Canada so they can live like kings. Infrastructure? Uh Uh. The stupid clown knows NOTHING about construction or building or finance with less than a high school education, is even THAT. He’s simply following the agenda he and his muslim brotherhood bosses to bleed Canada dry right to full bankruptcy, because he knows on election day he’s… Read more »


The interest on the huge debt Canada has, put it on this debt and our interest payments will go down, saving money for Canada? Woops we have Lieberals in power, they don’t care about the country only their agendas against us. Why are we still running deficits if this money is sitting there? There is something definitely wrong here.

Dave Bainard

F35 jets. Coast guards ships with decent helicopters. Need I say more?

JC Rules

Glad to see an opposition Media source like yours,it’s a comfort to those of us who want a return to Traditional Canadian Values Socially/Economically/ and Culturally.


You are correct! We want our Canadian Values back in all areas. Thanks to Spencer Fernando for his tireless journalistic work!



Don Taylor

That they dont have a plan for spending our money is not a surprise,they are used to spending OUR money like it is theirs,the sad thing is that we pay them to do it,ie Turdeau $340,000 plus ,,plus


I am really worried that this money falls into the wrong hands!

Clive Edwards

It already has – a government where so many cabinet ministers and prime ministers keep their (our?) money in tax haven accounts, while the rest of us can’t even afford a vacation to such places.

Wendy Lush

If it’s in the present federal government’s hands it’s in the wrong hands.


Christine, the money already is in the wrong hands. Liberal governments are notorius for taking and using tax dollars for extravagant vacations, conferences and global handouts. Soon you will read about a salary increase for MPs and cabinet members. They, the Liberals, are despicable, self serving minions of some foreign entity. They are uncanadian led by the worst charlatan of the past century.

Maria D

I would not be surprised if that money has been earmarked to go to the Communist agenda for “social infrastructure” as Trudeau had previously called it. His agenda is to make as many people a ward of the state as much as possible. It is all about people control and dictatorship.

Wendy Lush

As Kevin O’Leary pointed out, about 30% of government spending goes to waste, compared to the more efficient/intelligent spending in the private sector. 30% of $186.7 Billion is a staggering $56 Billion. If that definition now includes ‘social infrastructure’, like immigration policy and foreign aid, it’s almost all wasted imho.

When Pierre Trudeau took office in 1968 Canada’s debt was $18 billion (24% of GDP) which was largely left over from World War II. When he left office in 1984, that debt stood at $200 billion (46% of GDP). Like father like son. We’re doomed.

B J Stewart Pierre Trudeau privatised the Bank of Canada in 1974 with no constitutional amendment. This has to be corrected so we can create our own currency interest free and not borrow it. Comer tried but the judges threw it back saying it was a political matter. Further, the federal government is de facto ( in fact but not de jure=in law ) as all provinces did not sign on to the Federation (Quebec) Quebec is illegally running MPs in a Federal election of which they are not even a part of the Federation..the pm is from Quebec so he is… Read more »

Randy B.

Christine, liberal hands are the wrong hands, hopefully we can save some of it before it is lost.