INSANE: Trudeau Government Exempts Foreign Oil From Emissions Regulations They Impose On Canadian Oil

‘Global Citizen’ Trudeau’s anti-Canadian energy policy is costing our nation billions of dollars.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has found that the Trudeau government is exempting foreign oil from the emissions regulations they impose on oil made right here in Canada.

This means the government is purposely giving an advantage to oil from countries like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Venezuela, while punishing our own homegrown Canadian oil industry.

Here’s what the CTF found:

“In August 2017, the federal government decided to change the rules halfway through the Energy East pipeline review by requiring the project to go through an “upstream and downstream emissions review.” TransCanada cancelled the project soon after the federal announcement.

The CTF then filed Access to Information requests with the federal government, and has discovered that foreign oil imported into Canada will not be subjected to a similar review.”

CTF Alberta Director Colin Craig said, “Ottawa is holding Canadian oil to a higher standard than foreign oil that is imported to Canada. The situation is insane. By putting up roadblocks in front of Canadian oil companies, governments are literally losing out on billions in lost tax revenues.”

The CTF noted that the Energy East pipeline would have contributed $7.3 billion tax revenue.

Now, all of that is lost, while foreign oil pours into our country.

“The rest of the world is laughing at us,” Craig said. “Canada has the third largest oil reserves in the world and yet we’re spending billions each year on importing oil. Then, when someone tries to build a pipeline to eastern Canada to reduce reliance on foreign oil, the federal government puts up a roadblock. It’s crazy.”

This is an anti-Canadian policy.

The Trudeau government is betraying our nation, our workers, our consumers, and our homegrown energy industry, all while foreign oil gets an advantage.

This policy makes other countries richer, and Canadians poorer, and it’s yet more proof that the Trudeau government is pushing an agenda that is designed to hurt our nation.

As I’ve said before, under Trudeau’s energy policies, foreign countries win and Canada loses.

Spencer Fernando

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It’s been like that for more than a year. It is insane. Trudeau is forcing Canadian to consume dirty oil from foreign countries and it is also affecting the pollution in Canada which costs us more with the carbon tax.
You call someone like Turdo an a*&^ole, a traitor. Trudeau has highjacked Canada on behalf of another nation which could easily be Saudi Arabia. And he is working for them. I dont know why nobody at the political level does not stop him. He should be arrested NOW. What he is doing is criminal!

Wendy Lush

There was a news item a couple of years ago that Saudi Arabia funded millions to the Trudeau campaign just before the deadline to contribute to a party, just before the 2015 election. (I am unsure of the details so if anybody remembers them please comment.)

So this exemption may be payback to the Saudis. Or this may have been a shrewd move on the Saudis’ part to increase their market share. Either way we lose.


Saudi’a are who won him the election giving money. He was bought by the Saudi’s just like Trump was bought by the Russians .

Jack patton

This has got to be 0ne of the biggest laughs i have seen. After POTUS Trump humiliates Putin and the Russians with the attack on Syria, the diehard left still says that the Russians bought Trump.


Alberta and Saskatchewan are like an island, being blocked by this government any way they turn. They have been paying for the country, but they are being divided from it, again this foreign supported Lieberal/NDP Party is working hard to bring our country down. Divide and conquer, all across Canada.

Clive Edwards

Let’s give them “divide and conquer”; let’s bring back the Western Block Party and get the West the hell out of Canada. Then if they want our oil so they won’t freeze in the dark, they can pay world price, just like they do from Texas or Saudia.

Ann Harris

Trudeau doesn’t work for Canadians, though we pay his wage.
He works for the UN moneyed elite (the REAL 1%) globalists.
Imagine an employee, of a company, taking a wage from said company then working for that company’s competitor.
Too many Canadians are so effin’ naive! Always bending over backwards to be nice to anyone but their own.

Wendy Lush

Top photo: Who’s that roadie dude, or is that -gasp- JT ‘Spliff’ Trudeau and the Trumpettes..?

alan skelhorne

and nothing can be done. lol. really canada, you should be ashamed of yourselves.


Easy to be sanctimonious, isn’t it? Not all Canadians however agree with this radical leftist at the helm, 38% of voters were naive enough to fall for his identity politics. They must repent for this, but the majority of Canadians cannot in all honesty take on comments like yours suggesting we are to be shamed. The US did bring 8 years of Obama upon themselves. The view from Canada towards the US was similar during the years Harper was the Canadian PM. Only 19 months until the next election and believe me, Trudeau will be out, that is unless within… Read more »

Cr is time to SUE our Liberal government. It is so obvious the Liberals are out to totally ruin our once proud, prosperous country. This has got to be so illegal. Conservatives…do something please.


From Wikipedia:
Charles-Émile Trudeau accumulated a fortune by building a number of gas stations around the Montreal area and a loyalty program known as the Automobile Owners’ Association, which by 1932 had 15,000 members patronizing Trudeau’s 30 stations.[3] He sold his business to Champlain Oil Products Limited for $1 million, while remaining with Champlain as its general manager. Due to Charles-Émile Trudeau’s business, Pierre Trudeau inherited wealth, and likewise his progeny.

Thank you for consistently informative, factual articles.


Trudeau’s wreck the Canadian economy agenda is so blatantly obvious… why aren’t the Conservatives all over this stuff….. they, by in action are becoming a big part of the problem! Nero fiddled while Rome burned, comes to mind!

bob Fry

This tax exemption for foreign oil just truly confirms that Justin Trudeau , is following the George Soros game plan to the letter. No individual can be this inept in such a important position of being Prime Minister of Canada. The decision making process just confirms that by following the game plan, that Canada can be turned into a Third World country in such a short period of time. From scaring investors away, to destroying the Petroleum Industry which is Canada’s strength. to giving Billions of Dollars away to Africa Muslim countries. To openly mock Canadians in stating that the… Read more »


Look what he has done to Saskatchewan’s uranium industry . And in no way has done or said a word about it. It’s also a Energy sector of Canada.

Bill Millar

This happens all the time. I am a berry grower and am dealing with the same issues. In Ontario our berries are grown with exacting standards (and expensive) to insure we have a safe and healthy food for our customers. The requirements we have are not there for what is imported. Imported berries are grown using chemicals not allowed in Canada and using labour that is far cheaper than ours. Not to mention our higher energy costs, fuel costs and strict employment standards. On top of all that, the fruit is dumped into our markets below our cost of production.… Read more »


Sad to hear this. Farmers should form a significant part of the backbone of every nation, something Justin “If I Make This Noise, Wow, I Get Milk” Trudeau has no understanding about.

Elizabeth Thorne

They are doing a fine job of attempting to bring down Canada–Global community 101 by George Soros.


Our governor General needs to step in at this point and fire this idiot

don morris

The Governor-General that Trudeau appointed? Dream on!


Apparently, he wasted no time appearing on national TV to condemning the HARPER GOV’s spending yet he has not done so with the Trudeau’s gov.
Our nation is slowly eroding of jobs, revenues are becoming more difficult to find to sustain this nation, people are losing their income due TO high taxes and so far is the auditor general is quiet.


Seriously Canadians that voted for this bunch, what the hell were you thinking!

Don Taylor

The Insanity continues by this Corrupt Liberal Govt,headed by a frikken Moron

Pete Korky

This guy MUST be replaced NOW or we wont have a country by the time his term is up.

don morris

There is no legal way of removing the PM,yes impeachment is in the laws of the British colonies,but hasn’t been used since the early 1800’s and isn’t about to be used again. The MP’s in the Liberal party will weather the storm and hope they get re-elected,none of them will rock the boat,so I’m afraid we’re stuck with Trudeau for at least another 18 months. If the CPC has a competent campaign staff, not just amateurs with connections,they should be able to turn Trudeau’s huge number of screwups into a massive election victory. The PM will have to bribe a… Read more »


I just want to Cry…and Cry…and Cry…


Follow the money, someone is being paid off to allow this kind of policy.


I keep suggesting that Canada’s real enemy is not as much any real political party but more our organized media. They are hiding the truth from the masses that would reconsider Trudeau in larger numbers – if they knew the truth.


The energy east pipeline was being built to ship oil out of Canada

David MacKAY

he only reason for such an exemption would be to receive Kickbacks to the Trudeau Foundations – ther is no other logical reason to give these anti-human rights nations a free pass. Corrupt Leaders love to do business with corrupt nations – for a reason. Follow the money.