UH OH: Jagmeet Singh Spoke At Sikh Separatist Event Along With Leader Who Endorsed Violence As Tool Of “Resistance”

It keeps getting worse for Jagmeet Singh, and the NDP now faces serious questions about what will happen to their ‘leader.’

After reports emerged that Jagmeet Singh had spoken at a Sikh separatist rally where he accused India of genocide and called India his “country,” he probably thought things couldn’t get any worse.

He was wrong.

The Globe & Mail is now reporting that Jagmeet Singh attended an event in 2016 that was hosted by a Sikh separatist youth leader who has advocated for “political violence.”

Here are key parts of the report:

“NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh participated in a pro-sovereignty seminar in 2016 with the co-founder of the British-based National Sikh Youth Federation who endorsed the use of political violence as a “legitimate form of resistance” to achieve an independent Sikh homeland in India.”

Video of the February, 2016, event in London shows the then-deputy leader of the Ontario NDP sharing the stage with NSYF co-founder Shamsher Singh and another Sikh homeland advocate, Harwinder Singh Mander.

The youth leader spoke about the “superiority of our culture, our language and our ideal” and said his cause “endorses violence as a legitimate form of resistance and survival.

“The objective of an explicit Sikh narrative is sovereignty as a nation,” the youth activist said.

The report notes that Singh’s speech did not advocate for violence, but neither did he condemn the call to use violence by the youth speaker.

Once again, Singh refused to respond to a request for comment on this report, and has only issued a weak statement on the issue overall, without even condemning the Khalistani cause.

How can Canadians trust Jagmeet Singh?

With these revelations, many are now asking whether Jagmeet Singh can remain as NDP leader.

After all, Jagmeet Singh seems far more interested in promoting Sikh separatism than he does with serving the Canadian people.

If he’s calling India his “country,” and if he’s associating himself with those who advocate “political violence,” then he has absolutely no business getting close to the Prime Minister’s Office.

The more that is revealed, the more Canadians realize Jagmeet Singh cannot be trusted.

Read the full report here

Spencer Fernando

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Ruth Gravel

How can Canadian trust Jagmeet Singh after all when he is more interested in promoting Sikh separatism than serving the Canadian people. He is another Justin Trudeau that doesn’t care about us Canadian people. Everybody need to stop and think about what he has said here. I feel that Jagmeet Singh should not be able to remain as NDP leader. Canada need somebody that cares about us Canadian people and start putting us first and stop changing these to suit all these immigrate that have chose to come to Canada. We are the people that have paid all our live… Read more »

Ron Voss

He could always join Trudeau’s Liberal Party.


“How can Canadians trust Jagmeet Singh?” A simple question that gets a simple answer. You can’t.

Connie Cattle

Why are we the Canadian people having to put up with (yes I am going to say it) Foreigners with
old world ideologies and agendas even allowed into our (the Canadian Political arena and parliament) I am more so now then ever before convinced that if you were not born and brought in this country (Canada) you should have no right to be in our political arena let alone Parliament.
No one that was not born here and raised here down to the third generation should not now or in the future be in politics in our Country period.