Unity Is Our Strength

Canadians must be united around core values and a shared historic legacy, and we must not let our nation become a platform for the fights and grievances of foreign lands.

A nation without unity is not really a nation at all. It’s simply a collection of people who happen to share the same territory.

Unfortunately, that is increasingly what Canada is becoming.

Under leaders like Justin Trudeau, we are being pushed closer and closer to becoming a “post-national state,” where any sense of core Canadian values and a common Canadian identity is destroyed, and replaced with identity politics following the slogan “diversity is our strength.”

The problem with that slogan is that it is nothing more than an empty, feel-good phrase without any real substance to it.

The reason it is empty is because there are many forms of diversity, and those who repeat the slogan over and over again never clarify exactly what they are talking about.

For example, Canada welcomes people from around the world into the Canadian family (like my father who was born in Trinidad), and that is one form of diversity.

People also come to Canada from parts of the world with very different histories and values, and that is another form of diversity.

And some people come to this country and bring their old grievances and battles here. That is another form of diversity.

Because diversity is a concept that includes many different things, it is neither inherently good or bad. As a result, it is totally insufficient to be the organizing principle for a nation.

It is however a clever political slogan, because it can be used to call anyone who opposes it a “racist,” and thus try to shut down debate.

Still, a clever and empty political slogan is not enough to build a nation around, and is in fact destructive in the long run.

Unity is our strength

To make Canada a strong nation with the ability to defend our interests and prosper in a challenging world, we must recognize that unity is our strength.

Unity based upon core values, and a shared historical legacy.

Canada is nation built upon a respect for freedom (after all, we are the True North Strong And Free), and that respect for freedom has led our nation to fight for what we value – including a contribution in World War One, and especially World War Two that was far above the size of our country.

While the United States still had slavery, Canada was a refuge for freed slaves.

And, for much of our history Canada has been more successful than other nations when it comes to inviting people from around the world into the Canadian family while insisting that they adopt the values of our country.

We have often been able to welcome a diverse group of people while still insisting on national unity based around shared values.

Now however, that unity is fraying.

Amid relentless chants of “diversity is our strength,” our ‘leaders’ are often too cowardly to assert what is and is not acceptable in our country. They are afraid to explain that barbaric practices are unacceptable, they are afraid to speak out against Canada being used as a platform for foreign fights and grievances, and they pander for votes by acting like they are visiting foreign countries even when they are within Canada, instead of emphasizing the unifying strength of Canadian values.

Not only that, but instead of recognizing that Canada’s contribution to the world has been overwhelmingly positive, they focus only on a few negative parts of our history, destroying national pride and trying to make all Canadians feel guilty for actions that none of us even committed.

It’s a recipe for the weakening, and ultimate destruction of Canada from within.

We can see it in the fact that Jagmeet Singh – someone who seems far more interested in Sikh separatism than in serving Canadians – is the leader of a federal political party while refusing to denounce the Khalistani cause.

We can see it in the fact that so few politicians are standing with Ujjal Dosanjh – an amazing example of someone who came from another country to join the Canadian family and has stood steadfastly for the values and principles of our nation (even at grave risk to his own safety) – while Jagmeet Singh attended an event attacking Dosanjh for speaking out against extremism in Canada and is somehow leading the NDP.

It is fully possible for a nation to be strong and unified while welcoming people from diverse backgrounds, but that can only happen if the nation develops a strong national identity and focuses on unity above all else.

If we fail to do that, Canada will increasingly break apart, and our nation will be lost.

Canada must be one nation, and one people, united around shared goals, shared values, and a shared future.

Unity Is Our Strength.

Spencer Fernando

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