WASTE: Trudeau Liberals Spending $500 MILLION In Taxpayer Money On ‘Low Carbon’ Challenge

What a total waste. How about giving us back some of our own money instead?

Not long after the Parliamentary Budget Officer announced that the Trudeau government has no plan for how they are spending $186.7 billion in infrastructure money, we are already hearing about a new waste of Canadian taxpayer dollars.

As reported by the CP, “Ottawa is offering $500 million to businesses, local governments and advocacy groups for new ideas on how to cut Canada’s carbon footprint. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says the government’s Low Carbon Economy Challenge will dole out the money over the next four years to fund projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while also saving energy and creating green jobs.”

Anytime you hear that the government is offering money for “ideas,” you can bet that a huge waste of money is about to take place.

And when it’s run by Catherine McKenna, you can bet there’s a lot virtue-signalling and not much actual substance to it.

Far better than this massive waste of taxpayer dollars would be cutting taxes, and letting us keep more of our own money.

Of course, that’s not how the Trudeau government thinks. Any chance to spend money is a chance they won’t miss, and if they can get a nice press conference and politically correct talking points out if it, all the better for them.

Meanwhile, our economy continues to be strangled while big polluters like China go on increasing emissions at a rapid pace.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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