WATCH: Scheer Rips Trudeau For Violating Charter Rights With Canada Summer Jobs ‘Values Test’

The Trudeau Liberals are forcing Canadians to go against deeply held beliefs in order to get funding from the increasingly dictatorial government.

Andrew Scheer ripped into the Trudeau Liberals for their Canada Summer Jobs funding restrictions, pointing out that Trudeau is violating the charter rights of Canadians by making groups sign on to Justin Trudeau’s personal beliefs in order to get government funding.

On Twitter, the Conservatives said they plan to introduce a motion to fight back against Trudeau:

[email protected]_HQ has a motion before Parliament that calls on Justin Trudeau to repeal his values test. On March 19, Liberal MPs can stand up and vote to protect our charter rights, our freedoms of belief and conscience. If they fail to stand up and be counted, never let them forget it.”

Scheer noted the irony of Trudeau claiming “diversity is strength,” while doing everything possible to silence diverse views.

Watch Scheer’s video below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Jeff Dewe

Andrew Scheer will Make a great Prime Minister in 2019, Justin Trudeau is not the man I thought he was, No even close, what a disgraceful Canadian he is. I wish he would call a snap election Tomorrow!!

Virginia McIntyre

Trudeau must be removed on grounds of treason, tyranny and crimes against Canada and Canadians. He is slowly trying to destroy our DEMOCRACY & FREEDOM. He should have been removed the very first day in the House of Commons when he refused to answer any questions by the opposition who have the right to hold him accountable for Canadians.

Rev. Dr. Jim Rhyno

Thank you Mr. Scheer for standing firm on this issue. Sorry to hear that this motion to remove the values test was defeated. Please continue to bring this matter before the government.