‘King’ Trudeau Is Vacationing In Florida On The Taxpayers Dime, But PMO Won’t Say Who He’s Meeting With

Trudeau feels entitled to spending our money without any transparency or accountability.

Justin Trudeau is on another vacation.

Apparently, his disastrous vacation in India was too tiring, so he’s taking more time off on the taxpayers dime.

And yet – acting with the arrogance of someone who thinks they are a king rather than a public servant – the PMO is refusing to give details.

As reported by the National Post, “On Thursday, officials in the prime minister’s office would say only that Trudeau is “spending private time with his family in Florida,” but would not elaborate on what he’s doing or with whom. “When they are having private time, that’s as far as we go,” said spokesman Cameron Ahmad. “I know it’s different when he’s out of the country, but it is similar to him spending private time with his family on a weekend. We don’t delve into the details of what he’s doing, where he’s going or who he’s with.”

Basically, Trudeau expects us to pay his travel bills, while he doesn’t even think he should tell us what he’s doing.

This is the attitude of someone who thinks they are royalty, not someone who thinks they are a public servant.

Trudeau seems to want all the benefits of being Prime Minister without accepting that those benefits come with a responsibility to be fully transparent and accountable to the people of our country.

That level of arrogance – which is a repeated pattern from Trudeau – must be punished in the 2019 election. If Trudeau gets away with it, every ‘leader’ who follows him will feel entitled to the same royal treatment at our expense.

Spencer Fernando

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Oh gosh, I hope we aren’t paying for the closing of Disneyworld so he and his family can ride “It’s A Small World” and then dress up as “Pirates of the Caribbean” for numerous photo ops.

He an embarrassment to all drama teachers at this point.

George Bacon

If I had to make a guess…
George Soros

don morris

Probably meeting with longtime family friend Brian Mulroney,who has a “cottage” in Florida and is currently down there helping the government negotiate NAFTA.

Moe S.

I’m guessing, the Global Citizen King is riding the Mickey Mouse roller coaster with the kiddies at Florida’s Disney park. Nah, he’s probably running around dressed-up as Mickey, that’s more his style.

chris malmstrom

you meant Goofy, right?

Wendy Lush

So soon? Didn’t he just have a family vacation in India?

Ben Eby

The evidence is overwhelming! Justin Trudeau and his unsavory regime, are marching, bullying and cajoling his great unread, and unaware, true believers amongst us, down the road to deep socialism. I personally guarantee that those who dispute such statements, in any way, have not read, sought out the facts, nor followed the meaningful, and honest news stories of the day. Like his father Pierre, Justin is an unrepentant admirer of one party governments and brutal dictatorships. Worse, as the record shows, Justin does not have the intellectual capacity to lead any country, and is therefore prone to the manipulations of… Read more »


This is the reason populous candidates are starting to win elections…. Whether you like Donald Trump or not, this why he won. Also Rob Ford! We are tired of the lying, deceit and lack of accountability. We want change, with fairness and open accountability from our leaders and the bullying that is happening right now, pushing through legislation that is only good for certain factions and not good and fair for all.

Allis Chalmers

When will Canadians return to being the nation that fought two world wars and went down in history for our resilience and leadership. We have become a sniffing society that allows this individual and his political minions to destroy the country before our eyes. The next war if we ever get back our back bone will be here on our own soil.

Eleanor Merkus

Trump made the news this week (on MSM) that he told a lie about trade between Canada and the USA. After all the lies Trudeau has told in the 2 1/2 years since he’s been PM, I’m not sure what the big fuss was about….Who is the biggest liar? One guess!!!!


Isnt a PM restricted to the number of holidays he takes like everyone else. He has to be stopped. He looks like a spoiled child who just got a new toy. Frankly, I do not believe he is doing his job at all. Just shaming all Canadians with this year long celebration of Halloween. Frankly!

alan skelhorne

if trudeau keeps talking negative, about president trump,
he may find himself banned to enter the usa, now that.
i would love too see.

Connie Farber

Hmm…after watching him stumble (from a buzz) on stage somewhere, and making so many mistakes and not being shielded, I wouldn’t doubt if his owner told him he needed time out…perhaps rehab or a psychiatric stay?


Why doesn’t He just Stay there and never return to Canada?

Wendy Lush

Because he’s having too much fun exploiting, vandalizing and tearing down our Canada, especially the pre-Pierre Trudeau Canada (pre-1968).

Brian Mellor

He is such a buffoon. A low level one at that.

Nicola Timmerman

Hasn’t been all that warm in Florida the past week. Also rough seas and surf everytime another noreaster builds for farther north. Still better than the minus temperatures here.
Can’t believe he told his handlers he’s goimg back to Florida.


Its my considered opinion he is in Florida meeting with various and dubious lawmakers and their handlers there regarding his up and coming firearms legislation.


Probably having a family get together with his Castro family siblings. He is holidaying on my dime. This isn’t an official occassion, therefore I want to know every detail of where my money is going. How many squares of toilet paper did he use? What limo’s did he and Sofa take, from what company and how much did he tip? Every last detail.

He is a disgusting people.

chris malmstrom

Naw… he’s meeting with Atwal, to ask the “family friend” why he told the truth and made Trudoh out to be the liar that he truly is!


Trudumbdumb is about as transparent as a slap to the face of all Canadians!!