‘King’ Trudeau Is Vacationing In Florida On The Taxpayers Dime, But PMO Won’t Say Who He’s Meeting With

Trudeau feels entitled to spending our money without any transparency or accountability.

Justin Trudeau is on another vacation.

Apparently, his disastrous vacation in India was too tiring, so he’s taking more time off on the taxpayers dime.

And yet – acting with the arrogance of someone who thinks they are a king rather than a public servant – the PMO is refusing to give details.

As reported by the National Post, “On Thursday, officials in the prime minister’s office would say only that Trudeau is “spending private time with his family in Florida,” but would not elaborate on what he’s doing or with whom. “When they are having private time, that’s as far as we go,” said spokesman Cameron Ahmad. “I know it’s different when he’s out of the country, but it is similar to him spending private time with his family on a weekend. We don’t delve into the details of what he’s doing, where he’s going or who he’s with.”

Basically, Trudeau expects us to pay his travel bills, while he doesn’t even think he should tell us what he’s doing.

This is the attitude of someone who thinks they are royalty, not someone who thinks they are a public servant.

Trudeau seems to want all the benefits of being Prime Minister without accepting that those benefits come with a responsibility to be fully transparent and accountable to the people of our country.

That level of arrogance – which is a repeated pattern from Trudeau – must be punished in the 2019 election. If Trudeau gets away with it, every ‘leader’ who follows him will feel entitled to the same royal treatment at our expense.

Spencer Fernando

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