POLL: Doug Ford Leads Wynne & Horwath As Favorite Choice For Premier

The Ontario PCs also have a big lead over Liberals and NDP.

Another poll has emerged further discrediting the elites who said Doug Ford was unelectable.

A Leger survey shows 24% of Ontarians saying Ford is their top pick for Premier, with 15% picking Horwath and 13% picking Wynne.

17% say they would pick someone else, 13% say they like none of them, and 15% say they don’t know who they prefer.

As noted by the CP, “The results also indicate that if the June election was held today, 42 per cent of participants say they would vote for the Tories, 26 per cent say they would vote Liberal and 24 per cent say they would vote NDP.”

Those numbers would lead the PCs to a majority government, decisively sweeping the Liberals out of power.

The poll results – the second consecutive poll showing the PCs with a large lead under Ford’s leadership refute the arguments made by many elites who claimed that Doug Ford was ‘unelectable’ as Ontario PC leader.

It’s a message the elites try to spread about almost every populist leader, but it’s clear the people aren’t buying it.

Ford’s message of returning power to the people resonates widely, and it is a message that has put the Ontario PCs in a good position heading into the election.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter