REPORT: Despite Underfunded Military, Trudeau Government Sending Troops To Mali For UN Mission

Our country doesn’t have enough military resources to defend our own nation and fully equip our forces, so why are troops being sent to the war-torn nation of Mali?

Canada’s military is severely underfunded, and we don’t have the military resources to defend our own nation.

The government hasn’t dealt with illegal border crossings, our troop numbers are incredibly low, our navy is getting weaker and weaker, and our air force is barely being held together as old jets are ‘replaced’ by more old jets.

And when it comes to the growing scramble for the north, nations such as China and Russia are making a serious play for arctic resources, while Canada’s arctic forces barely exist.

The first duty of a government when it comes to military deployments should be dealing with the problems I mentioned above, making sure our nation is secured and well-defended.

Instead, the Trudeau government has failed to strengthen the military, yet they are still planning to send troops to the African nation of Mali on a peacekeeping mission.

According to a recent report“The Canadian military will deploy helicopters and support troops, including medical teams, to the troubled West African nation of Mali later this year, CBC News has learned. A senior government official, speaking on background, said a formal announcement will be made Monday. The deployment is in response to a direct request from the United Nations. Details on how many choppers and personnel will be involved are still being worked out, but the official said the UN has been served with formal notice of Canada’s participation.”

It is believed the commitment could reach up to 600 troops.

What makes this such a problem is something I reported in March of 2017, as the 2017 Trudeau budget “reallocated” spending on military equipment, and pushed it back until “sometime in the next 20 years.”

In total, the Trudeau government cut $8.4 BILLION in planned equipment spending.

How can the government justify sending Canadian troops into a nation ripped apart by civil war when they have cut equipment spending and left our troops without what they need?

That’s why the decision to send Canadian troops on this UN mission is a big mistake, and should be opposed.

Until our nation is secure and our military is well-funded, sending troops on ‘peacekeeping’ missions is unacceptable.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube/Twitter

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