Trudeau’s Dictatorial Canada Summer Jobs Policy Already Costing Canadian Faith Organizations

Justin Trudeau is leading Canada down a very dangerous path towards politicians forcing Canadians to sign government statements that adhere to the ideological whims of whoever happens to be in power at the time.

A new report shows that Canadian faith groups are already paying a big price for Justin Trudeau’s policy forcing them to go against their most deeply held beliefs in order to get Canada Summer Jobs funding.

According to the National Post, the policy is already starting to have an impact:

“Millions of dollars are at stake, and some organizations are preparing urgent fundraising campaigns. The federal grants are discretionary, but many groups have received the funding every year for a decade or more. In effect, they feel they’re being defunded for refusing to sign the attestation that says their “core mandate” must respect abortion rights, along with other rights around sexuality and gender. Service Canada has told the groups they can resubmit with the full attestation, and some are making a second try by requesting accommodation for their religion and conscience. But unless the government backs down, their applications will be rejected again.”

Keep in mind, the groups aren’t asking for money in order to put on programs that are about abortion or controversial issues. They are being forced to sign the attestation even though it relates to programming that has nothing to do with what the attestation is about. As a result, it’s a clear effort by the government to make Canadian faith organizations bend to Trudeau’s will, or be deprived of funding.

The report notes some of the great work being done by these organizations – work that is now at serious risk after the government cut their funding:

“Youth for Christ’s chapters across Canada have used the grants for years to fund more than 100 student jobs annually. Toronto City Mission, which runs day camps in impoverished neighbourhoods, received $70,000 last year for 16 positions. Winnipeg’s Centerpoint Church has used the grants for 24 years to hire two summer students; Mill Bay Baptist Church on Vancouver Island used a grant last year to hire a First Nations student. All have seen their applications sent back this year over the attestation.”

The impact is wide-ranging, hitting groups across our nation:

“The Great Lakes International Air Show wrote to Ontario MP Karen Vecchio to say its board had decided it couldn’t sign. Loon River First Nation wrote to Alberta MP Arnold Viersen to say it can’t sign the attestation because it discriminates “based on values held by the applicant.” “We hold to values taught by our elders and will not compromise for a few dollars,” Chief Bernadette Sharpe’s letter said.”

Negative impact on those who need help the most

By trying to dictate what groups are allowed to believe, Justin Trudeau’s Canada Summer Jobs restrictions are a dictatorial and dangerous policy that will hurt those in need the most.

Many Canadian faith groups are doing important work helping those who have fallen through the cracks, and much of that work could come to an end as a direct result of what Trudeau is doing.

This makes Trudeau’s action not only a direct assault on the Charter rights of Canadians, but a direct attack on those who are most vulnerable.

Trudeau is leading Canada down a very disturbing path, a path where politicians will demand obedience from citizens in order to access funding.

If Canada goes in that direction, we will not be a free or democratic nation, and that’s why all of us – regardless of our political or religious views – need to stand against Justin Trudeau’s dictatorial actions.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Kevin Smith

The battle with the beast has begun. He is making war on the saints (Revelation 13:7).


It is shoching how little the numbers are compared to what Trudeau is sending overseas to muslim countries. Is Trudeau making muslim countries sign a paper that to receive the funds they will have to stop FGM, polygamy, beheadings, killing of Christians. Does he.

don whitney

the issue right now with our police getting to classify firearms is about the police writing and changing laws themselves. this is scary and wrong we need the same system and safeguards as every other law in this country by elected representatives.


Stalin and Hitler followed this belief


” a path where politicians will demand obedience from citizens in order to access funding.”

Politicians WILL demand? Politicians ARE demanding.

James O'Connor

Remember this people, Trudeau is only the face. All his dictatorial policies have the full support of the Liberal party.


All these organizations need to simply restrict their efforts. Put the blame clearly on Trudeau and his blackmail and state that reason clearly.

Sorry kids, you can’t go to Summer camp this year because we are being blackmailed by Trudeau and his Liberal zealots. Make sure you tell Mum & Dan and all their friends about Trudeau’s hatred of children and don’t ever vote Liberal.

Sorry, Habitat for Humanity, we are unable to sponsor you because of Trudeau’s blackmail.


The issue goes beyond the govt requiring groups to agree with their ideology, which is hypocritical as they send so much money to countries that dont share their ideology. The bigger issue is groups being challenged right now are responsible for creating this issue. If they weren’t looking to the govt for taxpayer money ie going out and seeking out funds from private donors…which requires more effort on their part, then NO govt could put groups in the position of compromising for funding. They simply wouldnt have that leverage. Society keeps asking more and more from govt, free this and… Read more »

chris malmstrom

Just another way of Trudoh showing contempt for true Canadians and the Christian faith, all the while hugging the muslim community and giving generous taxpayer dollars to his terrorist allies … someone needs to put a stop to this! He’s an enemy of the state and is forming Canada into a socialist state … with himself as supreme DICKtator!

Ken (Kulak)

All of the above.

Frankfurt School transformation.