LISTEN: Kathleen Wynne Sparks Outrage After Saying Young Voters Needed To Counteract Votes Of “Some Senior Person”, “Some White Person”

Why can’t the Liberals talk about anything without constantly mentioning race?

Kathleen Wynne has sparked outrage after racially divisive comments.

Speaking to reporters, Wynne said that when she talks to young people who don’t think voting makes a difference, she tells them that “if you don’t vote, then somebody who looks like me is going to vote, some senior person, older than me, some white person, you know the reality is that that’s the demographic that’s going to get out and vote so we need you to be engaged.”


Imagine if Wynne said this, but instead substituted ‘white’ for ‘brown’ or ‘black.’

She would have already been forced to resign.

Wynne is supposed to be the leader of all Ontarians, yet she clearly thinks the votes of “senior people” and “white people” need to be counteracted.

This is yet another example of the Liberals dividing people by race. It would have been easy for Wynne to say that young people should vote because it’s important to exercise our democratic rights.

But instead, she brought up age and race.

Listen to Wynne’s disgraceful comments below:

Much of the elitist establishment media appears to be doing everything to avoid word spreading about Wynne’s comments, a point made in a great report by Brian Lilley:

“When Wynne said these comments the room was filled with reporters, cameras, phones with recording apps on them and yet there hasn’t been much coverage of this. That’s shameful but it is also telling that in the coming election most of the media can be expected to look the other way at Wynne’s mistakes.”

While the media tries to ignore Wynne’s comments, it’s clear that Ontarians deserve far better than Kathleen Wynne, and that’s one reason Doug Ford has such a strong lead in the polls.

People are sick and tired of the far-left Liberal identity politics focused on dividing everybody.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ivan Hawkes

I grew up thinking age and color is of no consequence, that people are people. I don’t care if someone is old or what their color is. So long as they are a decent caring person, that’s what matters. Even so, this creature (Wynne) who I am unable to refer to as a human, can spout whatever IT wants about people, which is usually derogatory and demeaning, IT’s words won’t alter my outlook on people. Maybe if she “tried to qualify” as a person, we’d see a different side of her instead of the usual completely ugly, arrogant, ignorant, hate… Read more »

Allis Chalmers

She is like a fish out of water gasping her last breath. She is a sick person using every tactic she can even racism.

Ron Voss

What a piece of work this leftist is using identity politics (old white person) to attack Ford and counting upon young voters responding as per the indoctrination they have been receiving from their leftist teachers in the schools and universities.

Ross bell

Racist, Senior Bashing, White innocent, Humane Canadians, have apologized for acts in History so much, it is now acceptable, to openly threaten to Kill me. An Ideology that openly request all non believers be driven out or killed, beheaded, and burned alive. This is North America Built by Immagrants, who had the class and manners to appreciate the Host Country And Assimilate Laws, Borders, Constitution. Now we have an Ideology bent on changing laws and allow atrocities unheard of in Diverse Canada, North America. Members have infiltrated Senior positions as to pass laws to Jail you if you speak against.… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Unbelievable. I thought folks like her (and Trudeau) only existed in cartoons. Probably early dementia.

FYI Wynne ‘whites’ built Ontario (Upper Canada). If you dislike white seniors so much why don’t you resign? Take your PC-madness elsewhere.

Pass the Orville Redenbacher popcorn please.

Cam T

I think you mean Liberal – madness not PC-madness. Pass the weed please.

Diana Barron

CAM T – I think Wendy Lush meant ‘Politically Correct’ with her PC comment. From her posts it’s obvious she’s NOT a liberal supporter. Just sayin…

Wendy Lush

You are thinking of Progressive Conservative; PC can also mean Politically Correct (or personal computer, or professional corporation, or President’s Choice, or ..)

Chris vrecko

My husband has had vascular dimentia for 5 years and I can say with total honesty that he is smarter, has more integrity and has more personality then any politician in Canada today EXCEPT for Ford. We need to really pray for Canada..


OK folks … time to rev-up that Ford and leave tire tracks all over the lieberals … Ontario (and Canada) can’t stand any more of their insanity!


IMO this is Wynne’s “deplorable” moment. I hope that this will motivate all those that Wynne has insulted to get out and vote in huge numbers against her. #fireWynne2018


us older people understand the mess wynne has made of ontario…

Moe S.

Here are a few things those “older, white, senior people’s” tax dollars paid for the Ont. Liberals: Hydro 400% increase Lowering hydro costs (4 billion) Selling 60% of Hydro One MARS bailout money (kept secret) 60,000 cancer health records lost. Ont. 3rd. the highest user of food banks Green energy (20 billion) E-Health scandal (approx. 2 billion) Gas Plant scandal (1.1 billion & covered-up) Orange scandal (700 million) Caledonia Hydro-Line scandal (116 million) Lobbyist scandal (2 multi-million costs) Eco Fee (18 million) Ont. Power scandal Children’s Aid Society scandal 72,000 Manufacturing jobs lost G20 Secretly approved police power Auto Insur.… Read more »

Val Hughes

Wow perfect write up!

Diana Barron

Great comprehensive synopsis of the long list of corruption and scandal created by the Liberals. Thank you!


Just a comment on something that continues to rankle. “White” is not a race, and neither is “Brown” or “Black”. We need to change the adjectives in order to change the conversation, especially when they are incorrect. As Mr. Petersen says, “Words are important”.

Clive Edwards

I guess what Wynn and Turdeau do might be termed, “ethnic signaling”.

Ann Harris

Trudeau did the same.
Campaigned at nearly every university/college in Canada. These two know that youth are the only ones who believe theirs lies.
Beware folks, both Federal and Provincial, Liberals are considering lowering the voting age to 16. That would be disastrous for Conservatives, knowing how Liberals have usurped academia and indoctrinated our children to Marxist, Liberal ideals!


Are the police charging her with racism and age discrimination against “whites” and seniors or do they only jail people who express an opinion that there are too many Muslims??

I suspect they will deliberately ignore doing their job because they are terrified of M-103.

Norbert Kausen

The Liberal SCUM s sinking lower and lower into the sewage!!! That twit WILL regret Her/his/its disgraceful diatribe when he/she/it is unceremoniously thrown out of office! Furthermore, he/she/it should nd must be held ccountable for his/her/its corrupt and criminal mismanaging of the Gas Plant issue, the Ornge issue, Hydro One fisaco, and the industrialization of our rural areas with inefficient, highly costly and NON-green energy alternatives, like the wind generstors and solar fields!!! EVERYTHING the Liberals have forced upon us, has been reprehensible, disgraceful and UNCANADIAN!!! She/he/it should be in jail… but then their (that would be McSquinty, and Wynne-bag’s)… Read more »


When was the color of my skin such a deplorable thing. I am white, i don’t suck hole the system, i pay my dam taxes to keep those people in their million dollar homes, i pay my darn bills……. but OMG my skin is white. I have never broken a law in my entire life, yet what ever you do…… dont do as i did do as the crack pots that run our country. Good job, slam the seniors the very ones that fought for your country you nut! The back bone of our nation, the true meaning of freedom,… Read more »


I feel sorry for Ontario , I feel sorry for Canada , start fighting for yourselves, no one else will , I’m on your side.

Ken (Kulak)

The true mark of a commie lite Marxist is to foment race and class warfare.

Raymond of Canada

Liberals prove all the time which party owns racism as a tool to get what they what. Whites against whites because of skin color and age is ugly. Makes me wonder who will “take them in” later in life.


Nobody opposing Wynne has to vote PC. There are two other options on the ballot, the left leaning NDP and the centrist Green Party. Until we get more people better informed and to actually vote on issues and policy nothing will ever change. We’ll just keep rotating back and forth between red, blue, red, blue and always be disappointed at the end of the term. While change is needed in Ontario, Doug Ford would make things worse than they are already for many reasons. Firstly, Doug Ford doesn’t understand that governance is not the same as running a business(it’s not… Read more »


Thirdly, he is oblivious to the need to put a price on carbon, a basic understanding that should be considered a prerequisite to governing in 2018.

Why do we “need” to put a “price” (it’s a tax!) on carbon? America didn’t do it. China didn’t do it. Lots of countries didn’t do it.


Greg your not doing your due diligence, the only centered government for Canada are the Conservatives, they are fiscally responsible usually, they figure out what needs to be done that helps all people together etc. They do not try to divide us, like the Communist, socialists, alt Left divisive parties. They are mainstream and can add and subtract unlike these greedy socialists, and run a more open government They are not gender neutral to get one groups vote or pot smokers to get another groups vote, or hate whites where we live in Canada and lie to force in their… Read more »


I have lived in Ontario for 5 years but I’m proud to be a British Columbian born and raised. I am very disappointed almost every election seeing liberals elected by the Ontario vote I only ask “think before you vote! We Canadians have been disappointed too many times. Even Mulroney, a so called conservative still had crooked roots in Quebec. Chretien, the director of sponsorgate, Quebec!