Petition To The House Of Commons Calls For Investigation Into Trudeau PMO After “Invitation Of Convicted Terrorists”

E-1560 calls for House of Commons to launch an open investigation into the Prime Minister’s Office following the invite of Jaspal Atwal to a state dinner in India.

A petition to the House of Commons is calling for an investigation into the Prime Minister’s Office in the wake of convicted attempted murderer Jaspal Atwal’s invite to a state dinner with the PM.

The text of petition E-1560, which is sponsored by Conservative MP Larry Miller, is below:


  • The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has demonstrated the lack of security protocols to prevent the invitation of convicted terrorists to state dinners in other countries.

We, the undersigned, Citizens of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to:

1) Engage in an open investigation and report on all failures in the PMO related to national security and international relations of Canada abroad or other related security matters;

2) Present revised security policies and procedures to address lapses in security and international relations as a result of such; and

3) Complete a thorough investigation of the most recent incident involving India and to clearly delineate the failures of those responsible.

Help spread the word

While Trudeau obviously will ignore any petition not created by his lackeys, it’s still important to help spread the word about the petition to ensure it gets more signatures.

The more support it gets, the more it sends a message to Canadians that our country won’t put up with the Trudeau government treating our national security and national reputation as a joke.

A link to the petition is below:


Spencer Fernando