Canadian Troops Should Never Be Put Under UN Command

Only Canadians should be allowed to command Canadian military forces.

With the Trudeau government making the (ill-advised) decision to send Canadian troops into Mali’s chaotic civil war, one aspect of the upcoming mission – and past UN missions – is not receiving enough attention.

Canadian troops will be under the command of the UN.

That means Canadian military forces in Mali will be taking orders from non-Canadians, which raises serious questions about our national sovereignty.

The purpose of the Canadian military is to protect Canada and take actions that are in the interest of our nation. Putting our troops under the command of a non-Canadian institution is contrary to both of those objectives.

After all, why would it be called the ‘Canadian military’ if non-Canadians are able to give orders to members of that military?

Making matters worse, the Mali mission has already proven to be very dangerous. Out of about 11,000 peacekeepers deployed, 150 have been killed.

So, it is clearly not a “peacekeeping” mission at all.

Furthermore, Canadian generals would care for and look out for Canadian military personnel in a way that foreign commanders never could, as there is always a stronger loyalty within nations than between nations.

Even if sending troops to Mali was a good idea – it’s not – those troops should be under Canadian command. Canada could coordinate with other countries, but that doesn’t mean usurping Canadian command.

Additionally, the United Nations has lost so much credibility lately that it’s simply unacceptable for Canadian military personnel to be under UN control.

Canada must defend our independence and our national sovereignty, and that means making sure that our troops are only ever commanded by Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

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Timothy Hickey

In 2019, there will be a CANADIAN MANDATE for the electorate to consider!

It will give the voting SHAREHOLDERS an opportunity to say NO to the United Nations, and YES, to a Declaration of Neutrality, and an armed forces that will be equipped to be the best in the world!


This is one of the most outrageous decision that this federal government under Trudeau and Sajjan that has ever been made. WE ARE AGAINST THIS DEPLOYMENT.


Why would we go to defend a country where the population want to kill all of us.


What is wrong with our General(s) to accept UN command of our troops? Once again, I am not surprised that a Liberal government would so undervalue our military as to make this stupid and dangerous move. Trudeau’s one world government view is at the crux of this, of course. How many troops do we have to protect Canada should the need arise? I suppose I can Google the answer because I wouldn’t believe a response from the Liberal D o D. They probably don’t know or still count those who have already passed away naturally or in combat. Is the… Read more »

Ron Voss

Trying to earn brownie points to gain a seat on the UN’s Security Council. I hope he doesn’t “whip out our CF18s”.

Norbert Kausen

That is my contention, also! I deployed to the former Yugoslavia back in 1994- 95 and it was a farce!We were in costant danger, which we expected to be in, but our ridiculous ROEs put us into deeply unecessary danger! Our hands were tied when it came to defendiing ourselves or nyone who might be a victim of belligerent actions! we were there to ‘observe and report’… absolutely USELESS!!! The UN is a FARCE and should have NO jurisdiction over sovereign nations! Our job, in the military, is to protect Canadian interests AND Canadians! It also means defending our allies,… Read more »

Peter Wilson

Agree 100% – We should be out of the UN – We should not send troops to Mali at all – If turdeau is stupid enough to send them thety should be under Canadian control – not The UN.
Please keep up your great posts – You should go into politics as a Conservative in the next election.


No control of anything should be assigned to the UN. It is a useless self-important cartel of narcissists who pretend they have some degree of intelligence and importance. Oops, I might have just described Trudeau.

Canadians must be under Canadian control and our military leaders should simply do what we can. There is nobody in the United Nations that knows anything about military procedures or requirements. NOBODY shall command Canadian troops, ever..


Thank you for reporting what MSM won’t.

John Prevost

Spenser, this is the worst written piece you have posted yet with the exception of your opening paragraph of which I totally agree with you.

As for the rest of the story I suggest you do a bit of research as the mandate of members of the NATO alliance.

Tommy Hawk

As always, Spencer, timely and accurate.

However, when you have a ‘barely functional fool ‘running the boat, so to speak, you know that eventually, even under the most favourable circumstances, you are going to hit rocks and sink.

We need not only to get out of the U.N., but get rid of our ‘captain.’

Pauline Loney

Are our leaders even thinking? The U.N. has a dubious track record and Spencer is right. Canadian action should have Canada in charge. There are better places for using our limited number of troops.


Like our Un Canadian government the UN should be disbanded, it like our government are not functioning for our country or the world respectively.

Moe S.

According to Conservative defence critic James Bezan, “it’s actually about Justin Trudeau’s selfish political ambition to win a seat at the U.N. Security Council. He’s using our troops as pawns in his own political game.”
Mali is the most dangerous UN mission in the world, dealing with Northern Separatists & Islamic extremists. This deployment is more about image than national security.(John Ivison/National Post/Mar 19th)


We have always been under UN Command since Prime Minister Pearson created the United Nations Peacekeeping Force. Better do your homework! I forgot … you have never worn the Blue Beret.


I happen to know a man who HAS worn the blue beret, and has no respect for the United Nations Command.