REPORT: Campaign Research Poll Shows Doug Ford PCs With Big Lead & More Voters Willing To Support Them

Range of accessible voters for the PCs far outpaces the Liberals and NDP, giving the Ford-led PCs the most room to grow.

A new campaign research poll shows that a vast majority of voters won’t even consider voting for the Kathleen Wynne Liberals, while the PCs have by far the most real and potential support.

Here are some of the key results:

30% say the PCs are the only party they will consider voting for, while 49% say they will not consider voting for the PCs. Another 9% say they plan to vote PC but would consider another choice.

The numbers for the Liberals are far worse.

Just 12% say they will vote Liberal exclusively, while a whopping 65% say they will not consider voting Liberal. Another 12% say they will vote Liberal but will consider other choices.

The NDP doesn’t fare much better, with 13% saying they will exclusively vote NDP, 58% saying they won’t consider them, and 7% saying they will vote NDP but could consider other parites.

This leaves the PCs with 51% of the electorate potentially accessible, while the Liberals have 35% accessible and the NDP has 42% accessible.

In terms of core, locked-in supporters, the PCs have a strong core of 30%, while the Liberals and NDP are at 12% and 13% respectively.

This is a stark contrast to what some claimed about Doug Ford, who was called a “divisive” figure. It turns out that Doug Ford has far more potential support, a point made by Campaign Research CEO Eli Yufest:

“Since Doug Ford’s election as leader of the PCs, the prevalent narrative has been that Doug Ford is immensely unpopular and polarizing. This Voter Gap Analysis, clearly illustrates that Doug Ford and the PCs have considerably greater appeal among Ontarians than either of the other two main political parties.”

Read the full poll here

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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