CANADIANS TURNING ON TRUDEAU: Justin’s Disapproval Rating Hits 56%

The trend isn’t good for the arrogant elitist.

Justin Trudeau’s unique combo of arrogance, elitism, incompetence, and dishonesty is becoming too much for the PMO’s manipulative media apparatus to hide.

The longer Trudeau is in power, the fewer Canadians support him.

Take a look at the chart below from the recent Angus Reid poll:

Trudeau Disapproval

The trend is clear.

For the first time in the Angus Reid poll, a majority of Canadians disapprove of Trudeau, and with his approval rating falling to 40% the approval-disapproval gap is now 16% points.

Even worse for Trudeau is the gap in support intensity.

35% of Canadians strongly disapprove of him, while just 8% strongly approve. Meanwhile, 32% somewhat approve, while 21% somewhat disapprove.

This means that opposition to Trudeau is much more intense and locked-in than his support is, meaning it wouldn’t take much for his numbers to fall even further.

Notably, many of those who voted Trudeau in 2015 are now turning against him. 21% of 2015 Liberal voters somewhat disapprove of Trudeau, while 10% strongly disapprove.

Shockingly, just 18% of those who voted Liberal in 2015 strongly approve of Trudeau, a significant source of weakness.

As Trudeau’s numbers collapse and Canadians turn against him, Scheer’s numbers are on the rise

38% approve of Scheer, while 34% disapprove, with 28% saying they don’t know. Since December, Scheer’s approval has risen, while his disapproval has declined.

Meanwhile, Jagmeet Singh’s numbers are negative, with 31% approving, 38% disapproving, and 31% saying they don’t know.

Fewer Canadians buying into Trudeau’s BS

These numbers show that as time goes on, fewer and fewer Canadians are buying into Trudeau’s BS. His image was carefully crafted by his manipulative spin-masters (with an assist from the media elites), but that image can only obscure the truth for so long.

Yet, even though more and more Canadians are seeing that Trudeau is unfit to serve as PM, we need to keep the pressure on and keep exposing the actions of the government. In his desperation, he will resort to any lie and tactic to remain in power, and Canadian patriots need to be ready to fight back against Trudeau’s lies by doing everything we can to keep spreading the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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