“CONTEMPTIBLE”: Trudeau Liberals Reject Motion Condemning Iranian Regime For Death Of Canadian Citizen

Once again, the Trudeau government refuses to stand up for our country.

Canadian-Iranian professor Kavous Seyed-Emami recently died in an Iranian prison after being jailed by the ruthless Islamist theocratic dictatorship.

He had apparently been arrested on espionage charges, but the regime never even officially announced his arrest, and have not given details on his death, aside from claiming that he killed himself.

That’s a doubtful claim considering the number of people who die in the custody of Iran’s regime.

He certainly would not have been the first innocent person to suffer under the dictatorship.

After his death, the Trudeau government (who are appallingly trying to strengthen ties with Iran’s regime), claimed they were outraged.

Yet, as Conservative MP Erin O’Toole noted, the Trudeau Liberals failed to back up that outrage with even symbolic measures:

This is disgusting.

It means that the Trudeau government is willing to condemn an alleged attack on non-Canadians, yet when it comes to condemning the Iranian regime for a Canadian citizen dying in their custody – they reject it.

Senator Linda Frum summed it up well:

“Contemptible” aptly describes how the Trudeau government has refused to stand up for Canadians, whether it’s their refusal to stop ISIS fighters from returning, their selling us out to China, their weakening of our defences, and their payments to people who hate our nation.

Trudeau’s contempt for the principles of freedom upon which our nation is founded, and his contempt for the Canadian people is becoming more and more obvious, and the decision by the Trudeau Liberals to vote against condemning Iran is yet another reason the Liberals need to be punished at election time.

Spencer Fernando

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I wish I could distribute your information in a millions of places. In the meantime, you have the unions in Canada who are courted by the Liberals, telling their members to vote Liberals. I wonder how they penalize their members if they dont vote Liberals; make them lose their jobs.
The government of Ontario of Mr. Wynn has warned anyone who receives a cheque from them to UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BE SEEN PUBLICLY WITH CONSERVATIVES. It turns out Kathleen Wynn is as fascist as Trudeau. OF course they are all Liberals.

Ron Voss

He didn’t want to upset his brother Alexandre (Sacha) who makes propaganda films for the Iranian regime.

Moe Cheheltanan

Unfortunately from 40 years ago antill now the only se Canadian liberals and American liberals supporting dictatorship terorism governments

Moe S.

Mr. Moral Superiority kowtows to Iran’s leader Ali Khamenei, China’s Xi Jinping, and Russia’s Putin, where dissent is crushed. All Trudeau’s preaching about Western values, universal human rights, gender equality, and democracy all for not. Choosing to do nothing for this Canadian-Iranian professor, let alone holding Iran accountable, shows Trudeau’s COWARDICE at its best.


Obviously he did not support the Liberals and terrorism.

Maryam McKinley

What has happened to his wife?? It was reported that she was detained in Iran March 8th and no news since then. The only comment that the government could come up with on the death of Kavous Seyed-Emami was that they were “concerned”. Absolutely shameful and reprehensible. Linda Frum is the only senator who does anything.

Elizabeth Thorne

What is anarcho-tyranny?