DICTATORIAL: Canada Summer Jobs Program Rejections Up 1,200% Since Trudeau Imposed His ‘Values’ Test

Tens of thousands of Canadians in need won’t be able to get support because of Trudeau’s authoritarian attitude towards the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Numbers are emerging showing the growing impact of Trudeau’s dictatorial Canada Summer Jobs restrictions – where the government is demanding Canadians reject their most deeply held beliefs in order to qualify for funding.

As reported by the CP, “Federal officials have rejected requests from more than 1,500 organizations for funding through the government’s premier summer jobs program, a 12-fold increase since the Liberals added new criteria for funding that have drawn the ire of faith-based groups. Last year, the government rejected 126 applications for a variety of reasons, such as not meeting funding requirements or missing details on their forms.”

The government has said that a reason for many of the new rejections is many organizations“objecting to the wording of a new declaration that required jobs to be funded,” which certainly explains the outrageously massive increase in the rejection rate.

This amounts to a massive purge of faith based organizations from eligibility for support under the Canada Summer Jobs program.

It’s outrageous, and disturbing, as it shows a dictatorial and authoritarian attitude on the part of the Trudeau government.

After all, nobody was complaining about the program in previous years, and people across the political spectrum are very worried about how the Trudeau government is forcing people to sign statements adhering to Trudeau’s ‘values’ in order to get funding.

Of course, those who are being rejected for funding are also taxpayers, and should have much of a right as anybody to get funding for their programs – programs that are doing a lot of good.

But that’s not how the government sees it. They’re imposing their ‘Trudeau Values Test’ instead.

As a result, tens of thousands of people in need will not receive support they would have otherwise had, all because Justin Trudeau and his increasingly dictatorial government wants to make Canadians go against their deeply held beliefs.

It’s a disgrace.

Spencer Fernando

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