GOOD NEWS: McKenna Warns “We Could Lose Our Climate Plan”

As provinces fight and leaders opposed to the carbon tax are poised to take power, the Trudeau Liberals are panicking as they realize how unpopular their ‘climate plan’ is.

Catherine McKenna and the Trudeau Liberals are panicking.

Their so-called ‘climate plan’ (AKA massive tax grab), is at risk of falling apart.

With B.C. and Alberta locked in a pipeline fight, Ontario on the verge of electing a leader opposed to the carbon tax, and Alberta’s United Conservative Party holding a massive lead in the polls, the widely-unpopular carbon tax may not be long for this world.

As noted by the Globe & Mail, Catherine Mckenna said “We are now in a situation where we have two progressive governments, NDP governments, who believe in climate change … and we could lose our climate plan because you have other politicians who are waiting in the wings who don’t believe in climate change, who don’t believe in climate action, who want to reverse all these policies. And that’s not just in one province, that’s in a number of provinces.”

With Saskatchewan fighting hard against the carbon tax cash grab, the program would be DOA if Alberta and Ontario rejected it.

Of course, McKenna is trying to fear-monger, as there are many Canadians who believe in climate change who also oppose the carbon tax.

After all, carbon taxes are nothing more than a cash grab that puts more money under the control of politicians, while raiding the wallets of already over-burdened taxpayers.

So, leaders like Scott Moe, Jason Kenney, and Doug Ford are simply following the democratic process and representing the views of their constituents by opposing the carbon tax, while McKenna and the Trudeau Liberals are acting in a dictatorial manner by forcing the program on unwilling provinces and unwilling Canadians.

That’s why McKenna’s panic is good news for Canadians. The collapse of the Trudeau Liberals climate plan would be a huge win for our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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Norbert Kausen

The Fiberals need to be GONE!!!


wonder if Climate Barbie is going to whine like she did when a reporter ” called her names “???


Your damn right we are against climate change and carbon taxes, we pay way too much in taxes now, The government needs to do more with less, Maybe if we weren’t funding Trudeau’s constant jet setting , like how many overseas trips has he made like 15 or so in 2.5 years, how much carbon is guy putting in the air because he hates Canada so much and can’t stand to live/visit here. People live on fixed incomes, if you increase taxes you take food away, hell I keep the temperature at 14C in the winter in my house and… Read more »


Trudeau and gang do not live in the real world. Love your comment.


Yes, there is such thing as climate change. It has continued to change for as long as the earth has revolved around the sun. It’s earths natural change. Not caused by humans. Do some research and use some common sense. It use to be called Global warming. What happened? Gore has been off his rocker ever since he published his book. What a joke! Carbon tax is a fraud that will just help the Globalists support their one world government and weaken our economy. Trump is not stupid.

Pete black

Well said. You must have read Climate Change -The Facts. It’s all in there including the world temperature measurement fairy tales

Allis Chalmers

Good put the boots to the corrupt liberals. Time to stand up and tell them to go to hell.


All Canadians are a well aware that Trudeau and his band of thieves were using the”Carbon Tax” as just another tax grab by the Lieberal Partymto fund their corrupt agenda.

There was no intent to fight “Climate Change” and they knew it.



I’m sick of the carbon tax imposed on us in BC and it’s going up in April. It is a big tax grab, as it all goes into general revenue and not to public transit. We have the highest gas prices in North America and taxes are the main reason. I really find politicians disgusting.


Rich people taking more money from the poor would not help climate change just make the rich richer, and it is they that own and run all the factories that make all the things that pollute so they control pollution already, it is just another way to “unite” the rich so together their greed can take us all down for their one world, free trade that works for them making money and controlling who can work and who cannot, who can eat and have a place to live and who cannot it is their 1% belief one world for them,… Read more »

Tim Chapman

Hopefully we’ll lose the climate minister as well…..

Civil Civilian

Well what a wonderful wind of change


Lady it is not that OTHER politicians don’t believe in climate change. It is the way you are going about it-TAX. Give people a poitive monetary incentive to help them consider solar panels, electric cars etc..Yes I have read arguments that electric battery manufacturing is counter to a green machine. The following article may make you think twice-

Ed R Peebles

Canada produces less than 1% of all co2 into the air of the Planet yet we are the ones paying, where is China’s Carbon Tax ?
Ed P.

Ron Voss

If it’s lost, good riddance to this socialist/globalist scam.


Finally Canadians have HOPE!!
Canadians need to stand up for CANADA, not this Dictator Government!


If the Liberals were believed truly in their message they would be creating legislation that would make a difference. An example might be encouraging people to live closer to work. At half the distance there would be half the number of cars on the roads.
BTW IMHO climate is changing but man is not the driving force. We can not stop it but we can prepare for the challenges that are coming.


No one “denies” Climate Changes. Conflating Natural Variability with “man made” Climate Change is fraudulent and unscientific. What is in question is how much of the warming observed since 1868 is due to man made Co2. The Alarmists claim all of it and to prove their case they point to IPCC Models. Models that have utterly failed to make any skillful predictions. Here is the IPCC’s CIMP 5 Model Predictions compared to reality. The Scientific Method has something to say about failed predictions. Professor Richard Feynman, Nobel Laureate in Physics said, “It does not matter who you are, or… Read more »

The Architect

And don’t forget that you, the taxpayer, are paying a tax on the carbon tax – GST!

Diana Barron

Turdeau and his gang of clowns arranged that China’s share doesn’t kick in for 30 years. So they pay nothing.

Pete Black

We will fight in the streets, in the woods, on the lakes, in the mountains, in the mines, on campuses, at conventions , on the prairies, on top of pipelines, on the lakers, on airport runways, on ocean shores, on mighty rivers, on arctic tundra WE WILL NEVER ACCEPT THIS RIPOFF.
Read CLIMATE CHANGE – THE FACTS. They can’t even agree on how to measure the temperature of the earth. The models are manipulated and unreliable. Data has been doctored.
This is a GLOBAL POLITICAL SCAM of the size never before perpetrated.


First Ford then Kenny then Dodeys gone in 2019 and in comes Scheer. Canada back to business.