GOOD NEWS: McKenna Warns “We Could Lose Our Climate Plan”

As provinces fight and leaders opposed to the carbon tax are poised to take power, the Trudeau Liberals are panicking as they realize how unpopular their ‘climate plan’ is.

Catherine McKenna and the Trudeau Liberals are panicking.

Their so-called ‘climate plan’ (AKA massive tax grab), is at risk of falling apart.

With B.C. and Alberta locked in a pipeline fight, Ontario on the verge of electing a leader opposed to the carbon tax, and Alberta’s United Conservative Party holding a massive lead in the polls, the widely-unpopular carbon tax may not be long for this world.

As noted by the Globe & Mail, Catherine Mckenna said “We are now in a situation where we have two progressive governments, NDP governments, who believe in climate change … and we could lose our climate plan because you have other politicians who are waiting in the wings who don’t believe in climate change, who don’t believe in climate action, who want to reverse all these policies. And that’s not just in one province, that’s in a number of provinces.”

With Saskatchewan fighting hard against the carbon tax cash grab, the program would be DOA if Alberta and Ontario rejected it.

Of course, McKenna is trying to fear-monger, as there are many Canadians who believe in climate change who also oppose the carbon tax.

After all, carbon taxes are nothing more than a cash grab that puts more money under the control of politicians, while raiding the wallets of already over-burdened taxpayers.

So, leaders like Scott Moe, Jason Kenney, and Doug Ford are simply following the democratic process and representing the views of their constituents by opposing the carbon tax, while McKenna and the Trudeau Liberals are acting in a dictatorial manner by forcing the program on unwilling provinces and unwilling Canadians.

That’s why McKenna’s panic is good news for Canadians. The collapse of the Trudeau Liberals climate plan would be a huge win for our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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