Justin Trudeau Is Putting Canadian Troops At Risk In Mali So He Can Brag About Winning A UN Security Council Seat

Sending troops to Mali has zero benefit for Canadians and it puts our troops in serious danger. But Trudeau doesn’t care. He only cares that it could benefit his image.

Mali is a dangerous, war-torn nation.

It is – by the admission of the UN itself – the most dangerous ‘peacekeeping’ mission.

Canada has no interests in Mali, and there is zero benefit to our nation to be gained from sending troops there.

As columnist John Ivison pointed out in a recent article, “Retired Lieutenant-General Roméo Dallaire was blunt in his assessment. “I wouldn’t touch Mali with a 10-foot pole,” he told me in fall 2016 after returning from a fact-finding trip to Africa with Defence Minister, Harjit Sajjan.”

Roméo Dallaire knows more than anybody about the dangers of sending troops into a war-torn African nation under UN command.

Yet Trudeau is doing it anyway.

That logically forces us to reach the following disturbing, but inescapable conclusion:

Justin Trudeau is putting Canadian troops at risk in Mali so he can brag about winning a UN Security Council seat.

As an ideological member of the global elite, Trudeau is obsessed with international virtue-signalling as opposed to national duty.

He is desperate to win the UN Security Council seat, in order to brag about how he’s still hip and popular on the world stage.

Particularly after his India trip debacle, Trudeau’s international image is collapsing, and it must be quite tough on his ego.

So, rather than listen to the wisdom of Roméo Dallaire, Trudeau is sending our troops into harms way for a mission that has ZERO benefit for Canada, all to fulfill his own need for attention and praise.

A true leader would be able to put their own ego aside and realize that they have a solemn duty not to deploy our troops unless it is in the clear national interest to do so – and also to equip them far better.

Mali is not in our national interest, but Trudeau is sending the troops anyway.

Yet again, Trudeau has failed the test of leadership.

Spencer Fernando

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Ron Voss

Just as he kowtows to the UN with respect to the hoax of man-made, er, people-made global warming.

Mark Terrell

But Spencer my man…it is much more important for the Foreign Minister to emphasize the “women and men” of our fine military, and promote more women going over there to be traumatized and possibly killed than it is to think cogently about the whole thing.

Christian moehling

Great read on the issues of the day spenser spot on .so see thru trudeaus shallow soap opera tha we the citizen taxpayer have 2 endure and pay 4 .absolutely unacceptable……!!!#keep up the goodwork.

Kenneth Oblak

Do those troops being deployed have a say in whether they go over to that hell hole of an inferno? I would not be willing to lay down my life just to glorify a rotten S.O.B. like our Prime Sinister.

John Oliver

Canadian troops are ill equiped and completely underfunded. From our antique jets to our lack of even sectional support equipement. This little cowardace boy of a Priminister has no money to fund or look after them on their return.


Get him out of office, kick his ass to the curve were he belong, he has no right in office, he doesn’t know what he is saying

Clive Edwards

Give Turdeau a break! He probably angsted for hours about sending white women to Africa to kill black men, women and children. At least he didn’t wear African tribal dress, with a bone in his nose and carrying a spear when he made the announcement. Everyone knows Africans don’t dress that way anymore, even Turdeau. Turdeau likes to “mix it up”. I’m surprised he didn’t put together a troupe (as in “acting troupe”) of women wearing blue and pink turbans to represent Canada in Mali carrying cellphones because, after all, “all guns are bad”. If all guns are bad, then… Read more »

Terry Melbourne

I wonder if the SJWs know what happens to a female soldier who is taken prisoner.


More young people sent into harm’s way with no benefit to Canada. More young people who may lose life, limbs or sanity that WON”T be taken care of by veterans affairs.
Canada needs a coup and the military to lead it. Enough with the chief narcissists personal agenda which always seems in contradiction to the well being of Canadians and Canadian interest.
Let the UN send people from other African countries to fix this African problem. Plenty of them over there.
Better yet send in the Chinese military and let them have a turn at peacekeeping.


Trudeau is clearly on some sort of drug. His enunciation is not normal. The evidence has been piling up that the PM is not of sound mind. So logically we either have a mentally incompetent PM making the decisions in this country and/or someone else is pulling the strings. There is no other possible conclusion. If I can be drug tested at work why can’t the PM because clearly he occupies a safety sensitive position (i.e., making military deployment decisions). Somebody please disagree with me here because I am getting rather concerned with what I’m seeing.


George H. Armstrong

This isn’t the first time the Liberal Party has protected and fawned over a putatively-insane Liberal Prime Minister. Mackenzie King got instructions on how to run World War Two from his DOG, was the ONLY international leader to be boo’ed by his own troops, yet still managed to “serve” 22 years. Funny, his police file is STILL sealed!

Miles Lunn

Even former international development minister Aileen Carroll (Liberal and minister from 2003-2006) wrote a letter to the Globe and Mail saying this was a bad idea. Mind you it seems a lot of Chretien/Martin era Liberals don’t like the direction the Trudeau Liberals are going as there is a huge difference. Chretien/Martin era Liberals were in the political centre, Trudeau is clearly on the left and more NDP lite.


Very unfortunate to think this little boy child will put so many patriots at risk for his own benefit and image. I am surprised??? NO but I am ashamed to be classified as a human, knowing he is too.

Don Taylor

You have nailed it Spencer ,Turdeau is a man that has never grown up and he shows every day ,loves to take photos of himself and really does not have the interests of the Canadian people at heart,he is absolutely the worst thing that has happened to our country

Chaz Martel

This rocket scientist wants to demonstrate his feminism as much as anything.

Canada’s rocket scientist in the PMO, wants to send 215 Canadian military personnel, half of them women, to keep the peace in Mali, which is a war zone that has no peace.

When the body bags start coming home and possibly half of them will be women; then Canada’s rocket scientist no doubt will expand his chest as if this carnage is proof positive of his feminism. God help us.

Sharki Bark

I wonder if sock-boy will send 50% female troops because “its the current year.”

Elizabeth Thorne

He should be removed from office and 183 other Liberals.

Elizabeth Thorne

He is a damn disgrace to this beautiful country.


Canadian female soldiers killing Muslim child soldiers in Mali …… Because….. It’s 2018….. Can any one hear the shrieks of Canada is at war with izzzlam & the calls by holey-jihadis that Canada needs to pay for these atrocities ….. This internecine bloody feud, this eternal ideological fratricide with izzzlamist factions killing each other over whose flavour of a pernicious sharia will rule this ‘gawd’ forsaken land…. We are walking into a violent ideological viper’s nest with eyes wide-open. Time to shame the Arab league to spend treasure and spill blood to save their brethren from another bloody ideological fratricide… Read more »