OUCH: Just 7% Of Canadians See Jagmeet Singh As Best Choice For Prime Minister

The NDP has some serious problems.

Jagmeet Singh has had a rough past few weeks, as his ties to members of the Khalistani movement who advocate violence, his own remarks at Khalistani events, and his evasive responses to questions about those issues have caused serious doubts about his judgement and ability to lead Canada.

Now, it seems that only a miniscule number of Canadians view him as the best choice for PM.

According to an Angus Reid survey, only 7% of Canadians pick Singh as the best choice for PM, compared to 26% who pick Trudeau (whose numbers are falling fast), and 22% who pick Scheer. 39% say they aren’t sure.

Considering that Scheer and Singh became party leaders in a fairly close timetable, the numbers are bad news for Singh and the NDP.

For comparison, the NDP won just under 20% of the vote in 2015, and won 31% in 2011. So, it seems that even among former (and some current) NDP supporters, Jagmeet Singh has limited appeal.

The NDP has some serious problems to deal with, particularly because Singh’s Khalistani controversy is the most attention he has received in the media, and this is defining him very negatively in the minds of Canadians.

After all, the people of Canada don’t want leaders with divided loyalties, and Singh has so far been unable to show that he cares more about Canada than he does about Khalistan.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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