OUCH: Just 7% Of Canadians See Jagmeet Singh As Best Choice For Prime Minister

The NDP has some serious problems.

Jagmeet Singh has had a rough past few weeks, as his ties to members of the Khalistani movement who advocate violence, his own remarks at Khalistani events, and his evasive responses to questions about those issues have caused serious doubts about his judgement and ability to lead Canada.

Now, it seems that only a miniscule number of Canadians view him as the best choice for PM.

According to an Angus Reid survey, only 7% of Canadians pick Singh as the best choice for PM, compared to 26% who pick Trudeau (whose numbers are falling fast), and 22% who pick Scheer. 39% say they aren’t sure.

Considering that Scheer and Singh became party leaders in a fairly close timetable, the numbers are bad news for Singh and the NDP.

For comparison, the NDP won just under 20% of the vote in 2015, and won 31% in 2011. So, it seems that even among former (and some current) NDP supporters, Jagmeet Singh has limited appeal.

The NDP has some serious problems to deal with, particularly because Singh’s Khalistani controversy is the most attention he has received in the media, and this is defining him very negatively in the minds of Canadians.

After all, the people of Canada don’t want leaders with divided loyalties, and Singh has so far been unable to show that he cares more about Canada than he does about Khalistan.

Spencer Fernando

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Susan B.

Wow 7% think this guy should be Prime Minister?


Boy, would I like to meet those 26% that support Justin.
What the heck are they sniffing?


You got that right!

sheila robillard

IMHO, the NDP party needs to close up shop. Everywhere they get elected these days they create more problems than they are worth. Alta with Notley, BC with Horgan. Tommy Douglas is rolling over in his grave. No one is going to follow someone that is a Sikh first and Canadian second.


I am not sure what foreign UN ? one world, divisive people are running the Lieberals/NDP/Bloc Party but it seems Canada only has one main, for Canada, Canadian Party left to stay a country, The Conservative Party. If we wish to unify this country and get it on it’s feet again, we must vote Conservative. I really hope they have not been infiltrated by the divide and separation un Canadian Parties or we will for sure collapse as a country, like the LieberalNDP/Bloc Separatist parties would like us to. We need a unified for keeping Canada together Party.


I’ve read Scheer is a Liberal-lite. If that’s true, I don’t think we will see much change at all.

Norbert Kausen

Of course… ALL his friends and acquaintances….

Sean Short

Mr. Fernando; This has me deeply concerned, as a conservative. When we went to the polls in 2015, we dropped only .7% of the vote from our 2011 majority win. It was the Liberals lying about defects which caused so many NDP voters to shift to Trudeau which gave the Liberals their 2015 majority. When the NDP voted for Mr. Singh, I was shocked and now my concerns over his affiliations seem confirmed. If the NDP do not win back a significant number of their dissaprove membership, it won’t matter that so many Liberals are turning their backs on Trudeau.… Read more »

ROY Elsworth

Except polls have come out showing a high of a 10 poi t lead for Conservatives lots of rhino liberals like John Manley are supporting conservatives so that’s why tour seeing the Liberals numbers falling now Two

Bev Campbell

Unfortunately, in our rush to accept persons of colour so as to avoid being targeted with the name “priviledged white” sometimes we just go for the colour of skin, while Jagmeet is most likely a perfectly decent man, he just is not what the NDP needs at this point in time, we need a messiah candidate such as Dave Barrett in British Columbia years ago, a dark horse with no secrets.


Singh was born in Canada, but his priorities seem to be overseas. He’s not fit to be prime minister. I’m tired of people immigrating to Canada and bringing their ‘baggage’ with them. Having been born in Canada, Singh should be Canadian first.


Wow 7%, depends where they polled really or there are a lot of ppl who don’t think Scheer has the gonads to run this country and bring it back from the point of almost NO return. Jagmeet is a very dangerous man, and not to get close to the seat of PM. Oye

Dan Balkwill

Congratulations NDP you’ve committed Political suicide Now go take your seat in the back of the short bus with Elizabeth!

Roger Shelswell

7% WOW That is high.I did not think that many Canadians could be that stupid