POLL: Conservatives In Majority Territory, Have 10 Point Lead Over Sinking Trudeau Liberals

Angus Reid poll shows Canadians see Conservatives as the best party to form government.

A new poll by Angus Reid confirms the fact that support for the Trudeau Liberals is sinking in the wake of numerous government scandals, policy failures, and a weakening economy.

40% of decided and leaning voters say they will vote Conservative, while 30% say they will vote Liberal, and 19% say they will vote NDP.

The Greens and the Bloc have 6% and 4% respectively.

The Trudeau Liberals have fallen far behind in Ontario, with 38% of respondents in the vote-rich province saying they will vote Conservative, vs just 26% saying they will vote Liberal and 15% saying they will vote NDP.

As noted by Angus Reid, the Conservative lead in Ontario has grown from 5% in the last quarterly poll to a full 12% in the new survey.

B.C. remains a battleground, with 29% saying they will vote Conservative and 28% saying they will vote Liberal.

The Conservatives have 59% support in Alberta, and lead in the prairies.

The Liberals retain the lead in Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

According to the survey, the Liberals are even trailing in what was their core base of support – the urban areas of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal.

The Conservatives have 28% support in those areas, compared to the Liberals with 27% and the NDP with 15%.

Outside those urban centres, the Conservatives have a 13 point lead over the Liberals.

The Conservatives are also seen as the best party to form government, with 40% picking them and just 31% picking the current Trudeau government.

Trudeau Liberals don’t have a lead with any age group

Even among the highly-targeted ‘millennial’ voter segment – which the Liberals usually dominate – they are tied with the Conservatives at 30%. The Conservatives lead by 7 points among voters aged 35-54, and by 15 points among voters aged 55 and above.

While the election is still a long way off, and much of the establishment media will viciously attack the Conservatives and prop up the Liberals as the election gets closer, this poll nevertheless shows that Trudeau’s carefully crafted image is starting to collapse.

Taking endless selfies and playing dress up clearly has its limits, especially when there’s a huge list of betrayals, broken promises, tax hikes, and failures.

Canadians are seeing past Trudeau’s lies, and the more the truth becomes known, the more it seems people are turning against the Trudeau Liberals.

Read more about the poll here.

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Ken (Kulak)

Are Canadians finally waking up to the juvenile disaster that this government under PM Shiny Pony is?


I hope so. Urgently need a replacement. A shame the Liberals lie against Conservatives while they correct the Liberals’ financial corruptions and then the Liberals get back in and destroy the economy/society again! Too much propagandizing of youth by teachers’ unions, too. No place for that in public schools!

Norbert Kausen

Of course, because Scheer is the BEST choice for Canada!!! Hopefully he can reverse the damage that CUCK, Trudeau has inflicted on Canada!!! Hopefully the Fiberals are so severely defeated, they lose party status. THAT would be fitting!


Finally some intelligent Canadians are waking up to what is really being done to our once good country, and Pot and the divisive dog and pony shows the Lieberal/NDP/Bloc dividing Canada parties have been putting on for us get scary, and not entertaining as our country sinks further and further away from us all.


I hope both the Federal Liberals and the Provincial Liberals are Decimated! They obviously have NO Shame as to what they are doing to Law Abiding, Hard Working Canadians! They can Promise us the World, but these Traitorous Thieves have ONLY Lied and Canadians have Finally Woken Up! Canadians can NO Longer be Fooled! We have to plan for HUGE Celebrations when these spawns of Satan are Destroyed in the next Provincial and Federal Elections!

Rob Beaupertuis

majority of votes not a win. The west will have a big numbers for the conservatives which means maybe not a majority of seats.


Wow 30% of Canadians would still vote liberal. You better get out and vote next time or the mentally ill and the Tide Pod eating millennials are going to sink this country.