INCOMPETENCE: Trudeau Government Claims They Didn’t Know Joshua Boyle Was Being Investigated

If the Trudeau government can’t even do basic vetting of those who meet with the PM, how can we trust them to keep our nation safe?

The Trudeau government is claiming they weren’t aware that Joshua Boyle was under police investigation when he met with the Prime Minister.

As reported by iPolitics, “The Privy Council Office says it was not aware former Taliban captive Joshua Boyle was under police investigation before he and his family met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The information from PCO was obtained via an order paper question submitted to the House of Commons by Conservative MP Jamie Schmale. “The Privy Council Office was made aware on January 1st, 2018, that Joshua Boyle had been arrested and charged by the Ottawa Police Service for several Criminal Code offences,” it reads.”

Boyle met with Trudeau on December 18th, 2017, and was charged by Ottawa Police on December 30th. Boyle faces numerous charges, including two counts of sexual assault, eight counts of assault, and two counts of unlawful confinement.

Even before the public was made aware of the charges against Boyle, Trudeau faced serious questions about his judgement for taking the meeting, with many wondering why Trudeau would meet with someone who was once the husband of Omar Khadr’s sister Zaynab Khadr.

Trudeau had also failed to meet with previous hostages, despite his weak attempt to claim that meeting with Boyle was simply normal procedure.

What makes this even more disturbing is the fact that it shows a pattern of incompetence by the government when it comes to security. After all, this is the same government that allowed a convicted attempted murderer to be invited to a state dinner with Trudeau in India, and then tried blaming India for it.

If the government can’t even manage security around the PM, then how can we trust them to manage the security of our nation? Particularly when their plan for dealing with returning ISIS fighters is taxpayer-funded feel-good rehab programs.

Are we really expected to believe that the same government that failed to coordinate with Ottawa Police about Trudeau’s meeting with Boyle is somehow capable of turning ruthless ISIS fighters into members of Canadian society?

Not a chance.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Elizabeth Thorne

ENOUGH–You are fired.

Wendy Lush

Why is he even meeting with this shady character at all. Terrible judgement.

Norbert Kausen

We CANNOT trust Trudeau and his liberal ilk to keep our nation safe! we have REPEATEDLY seen him and his gang make decisions which have endangered Canada to its core! Their decisions have threatened our national security on so many levels, it boggles the mind! How this disgraceful government is still in power, indicates something fundamentally wrong with our political system! They should have been collectively arrested for their systematic destruction of Canada’s very core values and its democratic process. It is, in fat, NOT a democracy but rather, is increasingly becoming a totalitarian dictatorship… and a police state!

Edward Roger Peebles

Canada is being Governed By a “Low Gain Defective Type”…
Ed P.

Dave French

Liberal Trudeau and all Liberals … more of your continual lying BS.
You Liberals DID know about Joshua Boyle.!!!
Trudeau is disloyal to Canadians for turning ruthless ISIS fighters into members of Canadian society.!! Disgraceful and unacceptable to all Canadians and our allies.

Bradley Holdner

It’s not necessary to diagnose this PM’s mental health, but the observation of symptoms are stacking up at an alarming rate, just one of the symptoms that are readily apparent is the compulsion to lie, even about things that are not really rated as wild security infraction. The entire liberal caucus seems to be compelled to lie when telling the truth wouldn’t hurt at all, we still get a lie.


Love your question Fernando! This is the question that everyone is asking (even the Liberal followers). This ISIS rehab plan is an insane plan concocted by a brainless politician. Wonder if this is Hussen plan or Trudeau’s.

al mac donald

what was trudeaus offer to boyle? ajob? maybe a deradicalization chief? it was something.