NEW POLL: Ford-Led PCs Leading Wynne Liberals By 21 Points

Every poll since Ford won the leadership has shown the PCs with a big lead.

Yet another poll shows the Ontario PCs with a huge lead.

According to Mainstreet Research, the Ontario PCs currently command 47% support, compared to 26.2% for the Liberals, and 18.6% for the NDP.

The PCs hold a lead in every region of Ontario. Here are the regional breakdowns:


PCs 37.5%, Liberals 35%, NDP 20.3%


PCs 49.3%, Liberals 30%, NDP 12.7%


PCs 51.8%, Liberals 25.9%, NDP 15.8%

South Central:

PCs 52%, Liberals 19.7%, 21.5%


PCs 50.6%, Liberals 14.2%, NDP 24.7%


PCs 41.8%, Liberals 26.3%, NDP 20.2%

According to Mainstreet Research President & CEO Quito Maggi, “A lot can and will change when the campaign actually starts, but the Wynne Liberals find themselves far behind the Ford PCs with less than eighty days before the election. It might be a bridge too far for the Liberals to overcome.”

This is yet another poll showing that the PCs under Doug Ford have widespread appeal, once again contradicting what much of the establishment media claimed before Ford’s victory.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube