REPORT: National Post Compiles Huge Central Database Of Canadian Political Donors

It’s the first centralized database of its kind in Canada that includes both federal and provincial contributions.

National Post reporter Zane Schwartz has compiled the first central database of political donors at both the federal and provincial level – a big boost to transparency in the Canadian political system.

The database can be searched by the name of both donors and recipients, giving Canadians a chance to see who has donated to our politicians.

The list is detailed, and if you have made past political donations you can search your own name.

I even make an appearance in the list for a donation from 2014, as you can see below:

Spencer Fernando Political Donation

This is a big step forward for transparency in Canadian politics.

It makes you wonder why the government didn’t create this list themselves years ago.

A link to the full database is below:

Follow The Money

Spencer Fernando