SELLING CANADA OUT: Trudeau Government Ignoring Warnings From Three Former Canadian National Security Directors About Espionage Threat From China’s Huawei Telecom Company

The Trudeau government has repeatedly ignored those who warn about the risk to Canada’s national security from companies linked to China’s Communist government.

As the Trudeau government seeks closer ties with Huawei – a massive Chinese telecom/smartphone company – three former leaders in Canada’s national security agencies are expressing serious concerns about our national security:

According to the Globe & Mail, “Ward Elcock, John Adams and Richard Fadden are weighing in on the matter after the heads of the CIA, FBI, National Security Agency and the Defence Intelligence Agency recently told the U.S. Senate intelligence committee that Huawei poses a cybersecurity threat to American customers. U.S. spymasters say Huawei’s smartphones and networking equipment could be used to conduct undetected espionage, especially the next, advanced generation of 5G technology.”

Elcock was the former director of CSIS, and also served as the deputy minister of national defence, in addition to the security and intelligence deputy clerk of the Privy Council.

According to the report, Elcock said “I have a pretty good idea of how signal-intelligence agencies work and the rules under which they work and their various operations and … I would not want to see Huawei equipment being incorporated into a 5G network in Canada.”

Notably, “Canada has been wary of Huawei’s operations for years, but the company’s presence here has been growing, and security experts say Ottawa has not been as aggressive as other Western countries, such as Britain, in testing Huawei’s equipment for security vulnerabilities.”

Adams once lead the Communications Security Establishment, and also warned about Huawei – particularly when it comes to 5G technology.

Former CSIS Director Fadden said “I think Huawei is operating in an area of strategic interest to both Canada and China and I think it is a strategic interest area where you do not want to make available to a large Chinese company, with ties to the Chinese government, access to Canadian infrastructure.”

And yet, despite all these serious warnings about Huawei, the Globe & Mail reports that the Trudeau government is refusing to take action:

“Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale told The Globe and Mail in a statement on Friday that Huawei is being monitored and does not pose a risk to Canada’s cybersecurity.”

How reassuring…

Trudeau bows to China yet again

Yet again, the Trudeau government is refusing to prioritize our national security, and is acting weaker towards China than our Western allies. Making this all the more absurd, is the fact that Trudeau’s supine position isn’t even gaining any benefits, as he was humiliated when he tried to work on a ‘free trade’ deal with the authoritarian state.

Nobody respects weakness and national disloyalty, yet that is what Trudeau continually shows as he puts our security at risk. Because any large company in China is effectively controlled by the Chinese Communist Party – which has set a goal of making China the dominant power on earth – giving them potential espionage power within our own networks would be disastrous to our national sovereignty and national security.

Any Canadian 5G network should be fully Canadian, and should never incorporate foreign equipment – particularly not from a Communist state. By refusing to see that obvious, common-sense truth, the Trudeau government shows once again that they are unable, and unwilling to act in the best interests of our country.

Once again, Canada is being sold out.

Read more about the Huawei threat here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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